So is there bad news to the patients in one of the country’s largest hospitals.

Now it turns out that patients admitted with a completely different illness than the corona virus at Hvidovre Hospital in denmark suddenly started to get symptoms of being infected with coronavirus, also called covid-19, and then tested positive.

It recognizes Birgitte Amber Degenkolv, who is the hospital manager.

“unfortunately, We have seen that individual patients who are hospitalized with us with other diseases, develop symptoms of covid-19, are tested and found to have the disease,” she says.

Hospitaldirektøren will not mention how many new patients, who suddenly has got the corona virus, while they have been hospitalized with other diseases.

B. T. has the following information about one of the examples:

The 23. February was man hospitalized in Endokrinologisk Department at Hvidovre Hospital, which is for patients with, among others, diabetes, osteoporosis, and metabolic disorders.

He was treated as all other patients in this section.

That is to say, he was not isolated from other patients, and health professionals are not going along with gloves, masks more to avoid coronasmitte.

Suddenly, something happens that gets the staff to block her eyes.

the Man begins: the symptoms of coronavirus.

After about three weeks of hospitalization he will be tested for the coronavirus, and it turns out that he is indeed infected.

He is immediately sent into isolation in the department of coronasmittede.

It is unknown, how the coronasmittede patient’s condition right now.

Birgitte Amber Degenkolv will not comment on specific patients, but she informs that there may be two reasons why patients hospitalized for other diseases, sudden coronaviruses.

“They may either have been infected, already when they were admitted, or they are infected by relatives, staff or other patients. We do not have figures on how many it is, since these statements are not to be made at the present time,” she says.

But it is not necessary to get up, how often it happens that patients are hospitalized for several weeks with another disease, before they suddenly get coronavirus?

From the director of the State Serum Institute, Kåre Mølbak, the answer is this:

“You travel a major issue. When a patient is found positive for corona several days after he or she has been admitted, it may be that the patient was infected in the days prior to the hospitalization,” he says, and adds:

“Other explanations may be that the corona is overlooked on admission, or that the infection is acquired in the hospital.”

Kåre Mølbak, you will now have information about how long coronasmittede patients have been admitted to hospitals before they have been tested?

“It is something we will look at, but there is no timeline for this,” he responds.

Birgitte Amber Degenkolv call it ‘inevitable’ that the corona virus to other patients than those who already are hospitalized with this disease.

“Covid-19 and other infections are, unfortunately, inevitable in the hospitals, to one degree or another, but they should be kept as low as possible, and we do what we can,” she says.