the Duchess Meghan has given birth, therefore, at the Portland Hospital. On the deed, Princess of the United Kingdom as a job title for Meghan: “”.

Prince Harry (34) was on 6. May came shortly after the birth in front of the press, and the parents introduced their offspring at the age of two days to the Public. But Reporter questions about the place of birth were taboo.

The Royals wanted to keep the circumstances of the birth a secret. Therefore, Harry should have left so much of the time: He registered Archie Friday. Birth certificates are public documents, therefore, the Details came to light.

The former US actress Meghan (37) is since her marriage with Harry a year ago, strictly speaking, Princess. The marriage Queen Elizabeth had given to her grandson, but the title of “Duke of Sussex”. The two will be addressed are, therefore, officially as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Prince William got to the wedding the title of “Duke of Cambridge”, his wife Kate has been Duchess. Also, you were on the birth certificates as a profession “Princess”.

Kate brought their three children in St. Mary’s Hospital in London to the world. There is also Harry and William were born. The cousins of the two, Beatrice and Eugenie, daughters of her uncle Prince Andrew and his wife, Fergie, came in 1988 and 1990, however, the Portland clinic to the world, which is also Meghan and Harry chose now.