Your “Land of Elsa” – a touching love story of two old men, “Romeo and Juliet” in the language of the native aspen… I Want to believe that the picture is not worse than the original source. Have you seen her?

Yaroslav Pulinovich: have Not seen, have no idea what the movie was. I only know that the main role was played by Veniamin Smekhov and Irina Pechernikova. But otherwise for me it will be the same surprise as for the rest of the audience.

This is not the first film made according to your scenario. Some of them you satisfied the most?

Yaroslav Pulinovich: “I will not return” – the closest to me. There are longueurs, some imperfections, but I liked it. Sorry for some cut scenes. Other projects I would not call successful. I am not very lucky in the movie. Came the movie “Bird” where the script has been rewritten ninety percent of the films, and I found out about it after the fact. Then came the film “How I became”. Not that I did not like it, but it turned out just easy movie watching with popcorn – maybe that was the goal. Although the film is very beautiful, with talented actors Pavel Tabakov, Rosa khairulina… I’m not particularly happy with them, but it’s better than “Bird”.

Viewers often say after the movie: it saves the actor who played the main role. Upset you or please, if your film say, it only saves the story – a good script?

Yaroslav Pulinovich: One person cannot save the entire project. No matter how talented the actor or someone else – it’s still controlled by the Director.

is it true that you are going to leave the drama and do the series?

Yaroslav Pulinovich: It is not I think so, but reality itself. Now all theaters are closed, God forbid, if opens in September. No matter what plays or written, will put them soon. In addition, it is a question of survival: it is no secret that the playwright, too, have something to eat. So was born the idea to work on the series; this does not mean that drama I will not return.

That is closer to the concept of “art” – plays or scripts of the series?

Yaroslav Pulinovich: Perhaps pieces. The movie depends more on the Director’s opinion, very often Directors are co-authors, write their own scripts. And on stage the play can get a hundred, two hundred, a thousand interpretations. Different Directors can put her in different ways. So for me the drama more interesting. Although, according to many Directors, good script today it is impossible to find. But a good play is also difficult to write.

the Future think for a great movie or TV series? What is more promising?

Yaroslav Pulinovich: Promising low-cost projects for platforms where there is no censorship. These platforms will eventually become even more popular. But you need to understand that the budget of theYety channels and platforms are not comparable – you will always need a series with a twisted, funny story.

Your plays are presented all over the world – many pieces, many Directors. Happy with the way your texts are interpreted?

Yaroslav Pulinovich: different. Director – the same artist has the right to their own opinion. He builds a performance based on their experience and their sensations. Of course, we will never be the same a hundred percent. Most often, I think – Yes, you could. Worst of all, when you understand that you did not write this, I sit and flow around, blush and look down at the floor… Dips is also part of the process. There is no way that all the performances are super. But this, at least, is not up to the playwright.

And selecting actors to play roles you happy always?

Yaroslav Pulinovich: most Often they’re good enough. The Director knows better. There are interesting findings. Not so long ago in the Christmas Carol-Theatre was a reading of my monologue “Brokeback”. In the story the heroine is a fifty-year-old, very overweight, fat woman. And played it little, thin and young Ira Plesneva. And nobody cared – so wonderful she played. That’s the power of acting talent.

In the current context, theatres increasingly satisfied with the online premiere.

Yaroslav Pulinovich: to be honest, I think this kind of nonsense. In the theatre it is very important empathy. Work not only actors, and the viewer works: when people are together watching what is happening in the scene created some magic. Alas, this magic disappears during the online show. It seems to be all the same – but it’s like “Zuma”: very flat sound. It’s like listening to Opera via “Zoom”. I hear that sing, – but no pleasure.

Many of your heroes come from extremely disadvantaged backgrounds. Why the interest in him?

Yaroslav Pulinovich: What is the interest to read about a successful person who all right? The story involves a conflict. I am interested to visit this area. It is interesting to study the “burned” unfortunate soul, to understand the causes of their misery.

But you-you from the family quite prosperous.

Yaroslav Pulinovich: I grew up in the city of Khanty-Mansiysk, which was called the CLD – Central Repair Shops. The family is fairly prosperous, and the area is not very day you could run into GOP-company. Addicts, former and future foster children in General, the atmosphere is so-so. I know this world from the inside.

What is “inside” you looked the part?

Yaroslav Pulinovich: No, I talked to them. It was my friends (laughs). My sister Lena actually grew up next to Gypsies, children of drug addicts and other tough guys. But I can’t say that we have had an unhappy childhood – another thing when you grow up and realize that these children have no future, that’s when it becomes scary.

These characters in your plays are often used obscene language. What is your relationship?

Yaroslav Pulinovich: Is an integral part of the language, but very powerful energy. You should not use it anywhere. My rule is: if obscene vocabulary, Mat, is a special speech characteristics of the hero, if he can not say, on this is built a special humor or tragedy, then it is necessary. From the song words can not erase.

you somehow affected by what is happening around today – talk about quarantines, epidemics?

Yaroslav Pulinovich: In General all is quiet, as many. There is an interesting feeling: such a busy background, but in reality, almost nothing happens. But I am now very save horse – I have been horseback riding, and for me it is a real outlet. After a workout, you know that you can live on. Horses are insanely gullible. You come in the stall, they do not expect from you anything bad. Each has its own character, you need to contact her. And be sure to come with the meal – they love it. Everything is a source of joy.

how Long have you had such interest in equestrian sport?

Yaroslav Pulinovich: No, I accidentally brought the sister to practice. Never liked any sport, but then fell in love. Now I want to buy a horse but need the house, the stables… I Want to live in the countryside, ride horses, grow a kitchen garden. In a world where we live, there is the path of confrontation, when you face injustice and go against her until the end. And there is a second path of internal migration, when you just live your family, small pleasures, their own world. Perhaps it is my way.

Maybe it’s hereditary: no one in the family you have not wound up the horses?

Yaroslav Pulinovich: has Been in my family and konezavodchik, all of them after the revolution dispossessed… And my great-grandfather, incidentally, was a shaman. From Buryatia, but an ethnic Tatar, he was killed in the war. But I can say that I am a great-granddaughter of a shaman! I have a very interesting grandmother – Baba Fiza, God forbid her health. She treats people of shamanic methods, with eighty years of salsa dancing, directs the choir in his village… I’d Like to be the same in old age.

But besides the drama you tried to learn some profession?

Yaroslav Pulinovich: So before I had to think! If I could come to his seventeen-year-old would say, get a second profession. I would like to be a groom. Or horse breeders.