The Hong Kong authorities sent to home quarantine of all arriving in the country

Hong Kong is expanding measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus. As reported by South China Morning Post, citing the head of administration Cary Lam, all passengers arriving in Hong Kong from other countries, will embark on a 14-day home quarantine.

As the head of the special administrative region of China, the total number of infections in the world more than China. Thus from recorded over the past 2 weeks 57 cases of infection in Hong Kong 50 were “imported”.

“If we exclude imported cases, we will have only seven local cases of infection over the last week,” said LEM, “But if we do not introduce strict measures, all our previous efforts will be wasted”.

While Lam noted that the new restrictions will not apply to people coming from mainland China, Macau and Taiwan. After all this, the official said, parts of the same country.