all well, “Stay at home”-photos from the Home Office in sweatpants and beer-Skype-Dates post For while on Instagram with friends, there are thousands who cannot remain at home because they have no home.

The call to stay because of the Coronavirus-risk of Infection at home, and physical contact to restrict, go completely to the reality of life of homeless people, says Jens Rannenberg, Chairman of the Protestant Federal Association for

livelihood security and participation e. V. (EBET): “homeless people can not stay at home. You the protection is a lack of bidder’s own four walls.“ People without housing are in urgent need of low-threshold offers of assistance, the loss now but because they are closed by the authorities or the employees, protect facilities.

“Think it’s so amazing what people drop everything here”

The gifts of the fences can’t solve this Problem, but homeless people at least a little hope. “Isn’t that wonderful? It’s so great, what just happened here!“ In the vicinity of the S-Bahn station schönhauser Allee is a young homeless stirred from the action. “Otherwise, we’re going through a lot with Scrounging. But that’s not possible, of course. And I find it so amazing what people drop everything here.“ The many food and clothing donations show that this is apparently the First thing people think of when they consider what might need homeless now.

But it is much more, what is missing from the homeless in your everyday life. The young woman takes from the fence Gave a pack of sanitary napkins and a little bottle of disinfectant. To think that in these times, you will find it great. “And someone has saved a single cigarette. I have only one and the fire stuff.“ On the other cigarette still who is looking forward, hopefully, different. She strokes her dog: “I Finally know, where I can bring things that I, myself, have too much – I’ll still wrestle a little dog food here.” The young woman hopes that no one destroyed the idea of malicious stuff takes – and that as many homeless people know of it.

“Let us help all of our fellow human beings, it is good to survive”

At the fences at the Hermann street, the Reuter-Platz, the beautiful Hauer All, of the Mr Furth road and the Wismar space to hang pieces of paper in different languages, which make it clear: “Only for homeless people – only for the homeless.” It is declared: “solidarity and charity are as important as ever! Let us help all of our fellow human beings through this trying time. Therefore, looking in your neighborhood for a suitable gifts for the fence, and inform your Friends and neighbors to participate.” FOCUS Online On the fences, pieces of paper, explaining how the gifts are meant to be fences to hang.

The piece of paper to explain exactly how the gifts of the fence is intended and what is not it’s important to note, in order for people to dump random things. In other cities, such as Hamburg, Bochum, and Leipzig, there are already gifts of the fences and in social networks people call for to start similar actions.

Stefan Kunz from the German Caritas Association warns in an interview with FOCUS Online, however, that such actions get out of hand. People should not just get rid of “your wardrobe”. And before that, the corona of crisis, the homeless would not have begged for articles of hygiene, but to make money, “to maintain the last remnant of self-determination”. Add to this that now the shower and washing facilities are closed – without this access, hygiene articles would help people a little.

A good idea – if Self and third – party protection and in the protection against infection act,

are observed at the same time Kathrin is Clinically of diakonia in an interview with FOCUS Online to bear in mind: “in Principle, people without a home are not able to and must avoid, therefore, in the current supply situation is more common on higher-priced products, some of which are more likely to be available.” Because panels are closed. “Now all the needs of daily life must be purchased at non-discounted prices.” FOCUS Online gifts fences should not be places where people simply get rid of your old clothes, warns Stefan Kunz by Caritas. Also money donations to the homeless can help.

At Wismarplatz in Friedrichshain offer Helping every Morning, at 7.30 PM on the gifts of fence, coffee and Breakfast for the needy. To distribute “food and Drink on the plate, it can be a good idea, so you know where these people are and take note of your Self – and foreign protection,” says Stefan Kunz by Caritas. To a specific location would need to know to be a solution, “of the the needy, but also, and provided that the necessary conditions are not guaranteed, so you could be in danger, to be in breach of the protection against infection act”.

Who wants to give help, money and initiatives

turn is Fixed: The greatest challenge facing the homeless and the homeless people are, is that you have no home where they can stay. Also collective properties do not allow this retreat to the Private. Therefore, Kathrin emphasizes Clinically by the Caritas: “people without housing helps the most when you can obtain an apartment.” In addition, many people would suffer from social Isolation, reinforced by the current bid to the avoidance of physical contacts and the limit of stay in public space. FOCUS-Online-action #corona care: Germany helps!

The Corona-pandemic restricts the everyday life of the people in Germany. Especially for vulnerable groups such as seniors, everyday tasks are associated with a risk of infection. Therefore, now asked for solidarity! FOCUS Online has therefore launched the campaign “#corona care: Germany helps”. With you! All of the information you find here.

need help? All of the information for victims is available here.

you want to help? All the information about offers of help, you can find here.

Who would like to help, the, Stefan Kunz of the Caritas proposes: “The people who need it, to give money, so that they can decide for themselves what they need.” In addition, he recommends those who want to engage in, in their immediate vicinity to look around and to contact existing Agencies and initiatives, the Volunteers are looking to the deal to maintain, for example, directly at the Caritas.

Here are the Affected organizations, which will help you to find:

The card for the App User.

“The facilities are extremely strained and not try to somehow get the operation going, so that Volunteers learn the ropes is easy. But there are plenty of offers that work with these Dedicated. You should contact us,“ says Kunz.

The Diakonie has set up a donation page for the needy and Kathrin says Clinically: “Anyone who is asked for money, may wish to consider whether he cannot meet the request in the framework of its possibilities. You talk with people and point you to the help deals in your city.“ “Super action”: celebrities support #corona care – helping you too! FOCUS Online/Wochit “Super action”: celebrities support #corona care – helping you too!