The holiday season this year can begin earlier than usual

Usually the first guests appear on our resorts from mid-April. But sanatoriums and rest homes in full force to begin work in may. Before especially makes no sense as the water in the Black sea is still cold, but just breathe in the sea air arrives not so a lot of people.

Photo: Eugene Novozenina / RIA Novosti Weatherman promised the Russians “raspberry” summer Photo: iStock In the “Phobos” told about the weather in April and may

But this year the weather in each month custom. Now on the coast from Tuapse to Sochi a day plus 18-20, and even higher. In Yalta from 16 to 18 Celsius. Anywhere Sunny and no precipitation. “I think this is a serious bid for the next holiday season. If and further so will go, the season will open two weeks earlier than usual. The water will quickly warm up. Now her temperature plus 10-15 degrees. And end the season later. For those who enjoy our resorts come very good times”, – said Tiscover.

he adds that a warm and early spring as it is impossible by the way. Due to the spread of the coronavirus in Europe and Asia, it is advisable to consider staying at our resorts. “There is every indication that this year’s stay on our South will be comfortable,” adds the weather forecaster.