When queen Margrethe ii on Tuesday night wrote the story, while she is in the midst of the current coronakrise spoke directly to the danes, was the message clear: We have a shared responsibility to act now.

“the Queen admonished in his speech, the danes, just like she also does it in his nytårstaler. But she made it more direct and blunt than normal,” saith the historian, and kongehusekspert Michael Bregnsbo.

“It may be, it arouses more respect, when the Queen says it. Authorities have said the same, but in the speech, it was expressed more clearly and unequivocally.”

From his residence at Fredensborg Castle, sounded from the Queen, “we must all think about at the same time and in the right time”.

She scratched the public health council, and she also went in right with them, there in the middle of coronakrisen meet for celebrations. Something, she called both “recklessly” and “wantonly”.

however, There is a good reason for the Queen to speak with such large words, when she is on the way keep talking to the danes. Something, the governor otherwise traditionally only makes the new year’s eve.

“When she quite extraordinary giving a speech, the message must also be marked, for otherwise it makes no sense that she is doing it,” explains Michael Bregnsbo.

He believes that the content of queen Margrethe’s speech was both appropriate and expected. And something, as we have heard many times before in recent days.

But it means far from that, the speech was unimportant.

“It can be to get more people to abide by the instructions. It may well be that officials previously have said the same thing, but it makes additional impression, when the Queen says so.”

“You can’t suspect her of wanting to win votes. When she says it, it is because it is true. You can’t suspect her for having a political agenda.”

Precisely why can the Queen’s speech also prove to be essential for the danes ‘ behavior the next time.

A time when people are encouraged to stay at home, and with society outside the home’s walls looks quite different than it did just a few weeks ago.

As the Queen said it:

“This is our new reality. And we must realize and learn, that it requires something of us all together. It regards us all together.”

Precisely the words such as these will more likely to take to themselves, believe Michael Bregnsbo.

“There must almost certainly be someone who is not into. But it can out in the community be an argument that we now have the Queen’s word for it; ‘the Queen said, it was ruthlessly’, it may seem in the discussions, and it may be, it does, that people are finally listening,” he says, and continues:

“She is the nation’s head. One who has the mission is to bring together Denmark, and one that we can come together in crisis situations such as the one we are in now.”

for The same reason, think Michael Bregnsbo also, that it was absolutely the right decision for the Queen to speak directly to the danes.

“the Nation is in crisis, people are sick, people die. Had she not done it, people would have asked: Where is the Queen? We need the Queen.”