The Hill (USA): candidates should immediately outline its policy towards Russia

Scientists from the Johns Hopkins University modeled a scenario in which the coronavirus for a year and a half can kill up to 65 million people.

If NATO and Russia due to accident or a miscalculation of the exchange of nuclear strikes in the first hours of the conflict, 34 million people will die and another 57 million will be injured.

relations between the United States and Russia today is worse than ever, and so the second script should trouble us no less than the first. While no candidate from among the Democrats could not have stated its position on Russia. This is unacceptable.

Those of us who worked in the Pentagon in 1991, when the Soviet Union collapsed, not pinned any hopes that Russia will soon be our benevolent democratic ally.

Our guide defence planning for 1992 benevolent liberals criticized for contained therein is the conclusion that although communism came to an end, Russia will remain our strategic enemy.

So for most of us, it’s not surprising that despite the easing of tensions in our relations with Iran after the next crisis, Russia is creating serious problems for American foreign policy.

At the end of December, when the administration trump was planning a drone strike to assassinate General Soleimani, Russia announced the adoption of the new hypersonic missiles that can hit any American target in 30 minutes, before reaching her unbeknownst to all available funds ABOUT. Thus, she once again reminded us of his military achievements.The context ofpresidential Candidate U.S. Senator Bernie SandersThe Guardian: Bernie Sanders wins Patinate Guardian20.02.2020 Challenges: as the macron wants to get closer to ПутинымChallenges20.02.2020

A couple of weeks ago President Putin announced the beginning of large-scale constitutional reform that would allow him to remain at the helm of the Russian state for an indefinite period. This powerful and insidious enemy with which we have to deal with for a very long time.

Having 145 million people, the world’s largest territory, the sixth of GDP at purchasing power parity, and not inferior to anyone’s nuclear Arsenal and technical elite, Russia for over 300 years, remains one of those great powers with a proud identity and a rich culture, which the German historian Leopold von Ranke (Leopold von Renning) wrote that they determine the fate of humanity. Today, however, the US has no coherent strategy towards Russia.

President trump clearly has a warm feeling to Vladimir Putin, and this is contrary to the actions of his administration, but to impose economic and political sanctions against Russia. During the current sharp polarization on Capitol hill Democrats and Republicans as nothing else unites the belief that Russia should be punished and isolated. But such a policy of punishment and isolation is ineffective and counterproductive.

Instead we need a policy of strategic cooperation. Not agreeing with Russia on key issues and holding back its expansion where it is important for us, we need to have contact with her in the many areas where we have common interests. We negotiated, talked and traded with Russia even at the peak of the cold war. As then, now for us the best course is a steady policy of cooperation, based on the TVagosti, patience and pragmatism. Occupy a special place three questions on which we should cooperate with Moscow.

first, it is the control arms. Currently, the two powers are rampant and costly race in nuclear, hypersonic weapons and space in which none of the parties can’t win. To slow down and take control of this meaningless race, it is best to start serious negotiations about arms reductions such as those which at the end of 1969 began practical the Nixon administration. It was long and difficult negotiations, but they led to significant progress in arms control in the 1970-ies and 1980-ies.Related articlesTurkish soldiers in the town of Atareb in Aleppo provinceHaaretz: Russia suffered from adventures ТурцииHaaretz21.02.2020

the Second issue is the Ukraine. In close cooperation with Europe, Washington should examine how serious Moscow is interested in resolving this conflict. The scheme for such a settlement should include the provision of greater autonomy to Russian speaking regions in Eastern Ukraine, and Russia in response to this needs to stop supporting the paramilitaries, who are fighting with the Kiev authorities. I must admit that Ukraine has the right to become a member of the European Union, and at the same time, it is necessary to assure Russia that the question of Ukraine’s accession to NATO will not be considered. The issue of Crimea should be postponed for future discussions, in fact, withholding it in practical interests.

Putin certainly is not interested in the transaction in Ukraine. Rather, he prefers to keep this low-intensity conflict, seeing it as a toolt to destabilize the Ukraine and hoping that eventually it will be able to return to strategic orbit. However, the United States and its allies should take a diplomatic approach, continuing to supply Ukraine the weapons it needs for self-defense.

the Third issue is trade and investment. Russia imposed against European and American sanctions have led mainly to the rapprochement between Moscow and Beijing, and at the same time, have caused disproportionate damage to European farmers and American manufacturers. The Western allies could learn something from Ronald Reagan, who came in 1981 to power, the first thing resumed grain exports to the Soviet Union, despite strong geopolitical tensions in the relations with this country. Russia, the United States and Europe can better benefit from cooperation in the energy, industrial, technology and agriculture. From the West it would be unwise to convince Russia that its economic and strategic future in cooperation with China.

Alexis de Tocqueville in his book “Democracy in America” he noted that Russia has always been complex and often difficult neighbor and partner for the West. The fact that Russia is interfering in our democratic elections, fighting for power and influence in Europe and the middle East, and feels discontent due to the loss of the Empire, no one would be surprised if the diplomats of the Congress of Vienna, which in 1815 was trying to contain Russia, and the British statesmen who were disturbed by the Russian expansion in Persia, Afghanistan, and Manchuria in 1900.

In the 21st century, and we can’t write off Russia from the accounts, hoping to build a more stable world without her active participation. We do notinevitably there would be differences, and we will compete in many areas. But such tensions should not prevent the West to look for areas of common interest.

We can do so from a position of strength and confidence, acting with patience and pragmatic, and believing that the US and Europe, it is much better to have in Russia a difficult partner than to see it as our enemy.

the Candidates, let’s hear how you plan to cooperate with Russia.

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