niente in Como

The silk weaving brought in 15. Century prosperity in the town of Como, of which the buildings of many of the Renaissance Herald. Behind the city walls you can not only shop wonderful and cozy cafes to sit, but in the footsteps of the Celtic and Roman past convert. Numerous museums provide a glimpse into the turbulent history of the Comos.

At the water’s edge, the Volta temple (Tempio Voltiano), an architectural homage to the discoverer of electricity, Alessandro Volta, born in 1745 in Como.

Brunate enjoy

The picturesque village of Brunate is situated at 750 meters of altitude on the hillside above Como. With the funicular railway in a few minutes from Como to Brunate. Optionally, you can wander the narrow road to drive along, or on a former donkey path. The octagonal tower Faro di Volta in the historic village of Brunate offers a spectacular view on the lake Como and the Alps. Also worth seeing is the Church of Sant’Andrea.

With the special Combi-ticket Blocchetto Turistico for € 20 a inclusive package. Therein is included the Outward and return journey with the funicular, admission to the Faro di Volta and dinner in selected Restaurants.

Chiavenna typical of the country

In the Wake of landslides feast originated during the ancient times, in Valchiavenna, walk-in caves. The so-called “Crotti” were originally used as a cellar for storing wine and cheese. Their special feature is the constant breeze Sorel, which provides a year-round constant temperature. Nowadays, some of the Crotti serve as authentic Restaurants with traditional cuisine. Here you can enjoy the regional delicacies taste.

One of the gastronomic Highlights of the lake of Como accommodations in the various agro-tourism, including small agricultural goods with wonderful buildings and Restaurants. Here you can experience Bella Italia and the Italian way of life first-hand.

Brunate after Torno

The lake Como offers ideal Hiking opportunities. One of the most beautiful routes leads from Brunate to Torno. It goes uphill steeply. Who is not afraid of a little detour with a fantastic view over the lake, can make a detour to Monte Boletto (about 1200 meters). In Torno reached, you will be rewarded in the narrow streets of the old town with its cafes.

those Who love Hiking and water combines, the unique Canyoning Tour through the Val Bodengo not to be missed. The Tour is in three parts with increasing difficulty divide.

One of the most beautiful ways to experience the lake Como is to take a boat ride. In this way, you can immerse yourself in the authentic lifestyle of the former fishermen villages. From the Promenade in Como and other places for boats with various Offers and routes for a scenic drive across the lake. For Sports the possibility of a sailing yacht with its own Skipper to Charter and, if desired, a Hand to create.

A particularly nice Route for a ship excursion is the from Torno to Como. From the water you have great views of fishing villages and villas, the stay of the road hidden.

probably The most beautiful pearl of the lake of Como is the place Bellaggio is. Not without reason, Stars like George Clooney have bought here property. Two of the most famous villas that are accessible to the Public, the Villa Serbelloni and Villa Melzi with their gardens. The city centre attracts with narrow streets, Restaurants and shops.

Close to the city centre of Bellagio is located in the small fishing village of Pescallo. There are in addition to relaxation also a rich offer of water sports, including kayaking and water-skiing.

Varenna the shortest river of Italy

take to The Village of Varenna, the three arms of lake Como come together. One of the Highlights in Varenna the Castello di Vezio from the 13. Century. After 30 minutes walk from the centre of a magnificent view over the lake opens up from the castle. In addition, the shortest river in Italy, Fiumelatte, which is only 250 meters long, rises not far from the centre of Varenna’s. Recommended are also the gardens of Villa Cipressi and Villa Monastero.

in addition to the Highlights of the lake of Como is also the area excursion offers great destinations for a day. The fashion-, art – and football-capital of Milan, for example. A train journey from Como via Monza is affordable, stress-free, and only takes about 30 minutes. Special Highlights in Milan, the Cathedral, the Opera, the city center and the elegant arcades of Corso Vittorio Emanuele II.