The highest wages for shift workers recorded in Irkutsk

the Number of vacancies providing that type of employment, for the year increased by 19 percent. The data provided in the study site Avito, which were taken for the period from January 2019 to January 2020.

Photo: Vladimir Gerdo/TASS Ministry of labor demanded that the employment services to find jobs for the disabled

Moreover, employers are willing to pay their employees who came from afar, it is serious money – the national average of 65 thousand rubles. Themselves applicants shift work willing to go for less money. In summary the average income is listed at 53.8 thousand rubles.

more Often than other professions, on a rotational basis working drivers, security guards, and handymen. Contrary to stereotypes, their labor is in demand not so much in the far North, as in quite civilized places. The maximum demand for shift workers in Moscow (16% of all vacancies), St. Petersburg and Ufa (2 percent).

in the capital, we offer average earnings is 63.5 thousand rubles in St. Petersburg – 62,9 thousand roubles, in Ufa – 71.3 thousand rubles.

the Fes explained the issue of indexation of wages

the Most profitable place where you can go to work – Irkutsk (82 thousand rubles per month on average), followed by Novosibirsk (74 thousand rubles) and Kazan (73 thousand).

more Often leave to work away from home, ironically, Muscovites (14 percent of all applicants shift of jobs), St. Petersburg (2 per cent) and residents of Krasnodar (2 percent). While 66 percent of applicants live in small towns and villages in different regions of the country.