In patients men with severe COVID-19 produces less of the protective protein. To such conclusion scientists of the Chinese, who investigated the plasma of about 300 people. About this newspaper "Izvestia".

As noted, the scientists wanted to identify the differences in men and women in the preparation of IgG antibodies to SARS-CoV-2. It turned out that the concentration of these immunoglobulins that appear in the blood about two weeks from the time of infection, in patients with mild and moderate severity COVID-19 almost does not depend on gender.

But the severe patients, the difference was significant: women on the 3rd-5th week of the disease they were on average a quarter more.

As previously said, Director of "SMRC endocrinology", Ministry of health, the RAS corresponding member Natalia Mokrysheva, the mortality rate among patients with the coronavirus, who have metabolic disorders, several times higher than in people without such diseases. She noted that at-risk patients with endocrinopathy with systemic lesions, diabetes mellitus, organ disorders, diseases of the adrenal glands and autoimmune diseases.