the Main art Museum in the country open to visitors after a long break. Tickets to the Hermitage are now available only online and only on certain routes. A mask mode in the walls of the Museum is a must for everybody.

From July 15, the Main exhibition complex will be open for visitors on two trails. The first can be called “art”, it is in the interests of those who wish to focus on absolute masterpieces of the Hermitage collection. The second route – the “historical” dedicated to the Imperial past of Russia. Your itinerary is developed for the General staff, here you will see a collection of impressionist and post-impressionist gallery to the memory of Sergei Shchukin and the Morozov brothers, Faberge hall, the Guards Museum and the exhibition of contemporary art. The duration of each session will be two hours, traffic on the routes will be possible only in one direction.

July 23 will open the route with a visit to the Golden storeroom, which also can be seen the halls dedicated to the culture of the nomads of Altai and Siberia, the art of Central Asia and the Eastern knights ‘ hall. From the first of August to receive visitors all other departments of the Hermitage.

due to the complex epidemiological situation until restrictions preferential program of the Hermitage. But already on July 15 free admission to the Museum will be able heroes of the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation and full Cavaliers of Order of Glory. From August every third Thursday of the Hermitage will be free for visitors under 18, students and members of large families.

At the State Hermitage Museum emphasized that preparation for work offline was important but not the only direction. All the time quarantine worked as a research part, in less than four months left 153 the issue of the “Hermitage line”. Total number of times the program was 46 and a half million, that’s ten times more than the annual attendance of the Museum.