The Hermitage opened an exhibition of unique sculptures by Klodt

Probably not in our country a person who does not know the name Klodt: his four compositions that decorate the Anichkov bridge on Nevsky Prospekt has long been included in travel items titled “Klodt’s horses”. And rearing the six horses on the Narva gate, and the “dancing” horse under the statue of Nicholas I on St. Isaac’s square steel exquisite decorations of the city.

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the exhibition in the Hermitage Museum has shown early works of a master made of plaster accurate portraits of horses from the Imperial court stables. One of them – the English stallion, purchased to improve the breed, even know the name of Midleton. Klodt worked hard on these figurines. In addition, he sought to preserve all the features of his models, he used his own unique methods: to Shine the shoes of Midleton substrate of gold paint, for manes and tails painted in different tones of flax fibers for transmission to the ground under their feet – real sand.

unfortunately, the fragile plaster was subjected to considerable damage, and the restorers had to solve the most complex problems in the restoration of lost parts.

– I had to learn the technology Klodt, look for the drawings, which are preserved important structural details – says the restorer of Alexander Bogdanov. – Tinting of skins, manes and tails were also carried out by the author’s method.

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Posters, clearly telling about this work, also presented at the exhibition.

a well-Known legend that the Emperor Nicholas I was so delighted with the talent Klodt that he once said: “You make horses better than horse”.

But a hereditary officer Baron Peter Klodt von Klodt von could not become a professional sculptor. Preserved the memory of his relative, who writes that, being a cadet of the artillery school, Klodt, amused, once cut from a piece of wood hobby horse toy for the infant son of Nicholas Grech. The company of writers gathered in the living room Grech, among whom were Puppeteer, Bulgarin, the distance, so impressed by this toy that they took a toy from a child, played the lottery and with the money bought the author a complete set of carved tools. With his help, when he was already an officer, Klodt cut several more sculptures, to attract the attention of the Grand Dukes Michael and Nicholas. The latter, becoming Emperor, his entire life mezentsov the Klodt.

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– it is Known that the sculptor worked only from life, – says the exhibition curator Lyudmila Shatilov. – Special challenge for him was not only transmit exterior features of their models, but also their dispositions.

And he set himself complex engineering problems. So, the monument to Nicholas the First, the horse which stands on one hind legs, has only two points of support, but it is quite stable. Today the monument is under restoration, and specialists with admiration talking about the authors of found the engineering solution to such statement.

by the Way, the exhibition presents a model of this monument and the death mask of Nicholas I. Whenmechetlino that it has been preserved not only in plaster, but in bronze.