The volume of Russian market promotion through a videoblogger on YouTube in Jan—Aug falls by 20%, to 2.4 billion rubles, calculated in the company BloggerBase. Advertising budgets on YouTube recover more slowly than, for example, in Instagram, including because of more expensive content production, experts say. However, for the year in the absence of new waves of the pandemic, they note, the market YouTube-bloggers will be able to return to last year’s level, amounting to about 4 billion rubles. the Volume of the Russian market influencer marketing (promotion and advertising via bloggers) on YouTube for January—August was 2.4 billion RUB, which is 20% less than in the same period a year earlier, according to a study of the analytical company BloggerBase supported by the Agency Woombat, which read “y”. According to their forecast, if there is no second wave of the epidemic of coronavirus, by the end of the year, the market will be in 2019 or even slightly exceeds it, amounting to about 4 billion rubles (by the end of 2019 BloggerBase estimated market of 3.8 billion rubles, its growth was 80%).Market downturn confirmed by the PR Director of platform Epicstars Julia Magas, according to which still remain frozen advertising budgets of the tourism industry, event and sport industry, hotels and restaurants. “Many companies, it budgets are exhausted the four-month lull, are now engaged in the payment of accumulated debts, not investments in advertising. To amass the budget for advertising, they still take more than a month,” she explains.During quarantine the metric CPM (cost per 1 thousand ad impressions), according to Mrs. Magas, decreased on average by 30-50%, depending on the subject of the channel, now the price is slowly rising, but still not back to pre-crisis level, when it sank almost all areas, even the channels that rarely have difficulties. “Feel normal channels with the business and educational subjects, worst of all, perhaps, have travel-bloggers”, she added.YouTube has suffered from reduced advertising budgets is stronger than Instagram, as advertisers focus on “situational projects”, which in Instagram easier to implement due to the low barrier to entry for budget and higher speed to the start of the campaign, said Deputy Director of Moscow Isobar (part of Dentsu Aegis Network) Andrey Koval. On YouTube, according to him, the slowly recovering advertising budgets, as the creation of content out there takes a lot more resources and time than Facebook and Instagram. The fall of advertising revenues of bloggers in Instagram was not so significant due to the diversification of available promotional tools, agree Director of social media Media Direction Group Elizaveta Panova.In YouTube network Yoola not agree with the assessment of a 20% decline in the market and emphasize that from the beginning of June “there has been a confident growth dynamics��, over the past two months, the CPM ratio for all segments increased by 4% and continues to grow and monetize the number of views (those in which at least one advertisement) rose by 6%. In the segment of copyright content to which Yoola includes, for example, channels “wdud”, Like Nastya and “Pozzi” indices CPM has already returned to pre-crisis, the company said.In Yoola also talking about active booking of placements for September — primarily in the segment of goods to the school season. “If you do not happen a second wave of closing all the houses, then the market has all the chances to catch up during the high autumn season,” confirms Julia Magas. In her estimation, even if it will not allow the market to reach pre-crisis level by the end of the year he will lose no more than 10-15%.Valeriy Lebedev