A small helicopter, which is currently at a huge speed rushes to Mars, has been specially launched by NASA experts to test.

“This is the first time the helicopter was powered and its battery charged in the space environment”, — stated in the message Agency.

This procedure was necessary in order to understand how the helicopter is experiencing a current flight. Whether he will cope with the harsh journey to Mars? Whether its systems to function as designed, as soon as Perseverance landed him on the planet’s surface?

After the first inspection, the experts say that the prognosis is good: “we still Have a lot of cases and checks that we have to spend before we will conduct the first flight tests on another planet right now, we think Ingenuity all right,” said Mimi Aung, head of the project.

The process of incorporating the helicopter and charge it took eight hours, the team Ingenuity reloaded six lithium-ion batteries, each up to 35%, and also checked the performance of electronic systems of the machine. The team will repeat this “procedure” every two weeks. Ingenuity and Perseverance should reach Mars in February 2021 as soon as the Rover will descend to the planet’s surface, it will begin its detailed study, a robotic helicopter scout will help him in the movement.