Werner Müller* to issue its health insurance provider, Groupe Mutuel, a power of attorney. It says So in the accompanying letter. If he signs, is not allowed to see the cashier, in his entire medical file insight and service providers from the health area of question, but even in the police, tax office, as well as public and private administrations to obtain information. And this discretion to third parties, for example, of his employer.

Miller was, until recently, a Patient in a psychiatric hospital. Fortunately, he showed the Letter to a social worker. The advised him the authority not to sign.

data – and Patient advocates advise starting with

and with good reason. Even in the case of daily sickness allowance insurance, the insurer move with such powers of attorney at the limit of legality. In the case of the basic insurance, you have no permission. “Such powers of attorney are not, in principle, compatible with the health insurance act. There is exactly regulated, as insurer, bills must consider,” says Hugo Wyler from the office of the Federal data protection Commissioner. “General powers of attorney are not part of definitely. We, therefore, advise each such letter of power of attorney.”

“sign did not fully, which would allow the collection of comprehensive information,” says Daniel Tapernoux of the Foundation, the SPO patient protection. “Ask, instead, about the exact reason for the power of attorney. If you think it is right, enter your details and your consent for this specific purpose.”

Groupe Mutuel playing facts down

On request, the Groupe is Mutuel not announced, the power of attorney relates to the basic insurance, but only the private insurance sector, such as the daily sickness benefits insurance. But the fact is that in the case of the Groupe Mutuel, every customer is assured to a single number, no matter what products he bought at the time of checkout. The full would is for the basic insurance.

* the Name has been changed.

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