the Head of the who reconvened the Committee of experts of the organization to decide which additional recommendations it is necessary to disclose to curb the spread of infection, which, according to him, unabated even in areas where there have been serious outbreaks of the disease. “Although the vaccine is happening at record speed, we must learn to live with this virus and fight it with our means”, – concluded Hebreas.

In the last 24 hours in the world health organization reported nearly 300 thousand new cases of coronavirus in the world. This is a record daily data for the entire period of the pandemic. In North and South America registered the highest number of cases per day – 171 946 people. According to the who, Southeast Asia took the second place with 60 of the 113 cases, followed by Europe with 25241 infected.

Recall that last week officials who warned that a return to “old normal state” in the world will not be expressing serious concern that the pandemic coronavirus is rapidly accelerating in the United States and poor developing countries. According to Dr. Anthony Fauci, the chief specialist on infectious diseases in the United States, the coronavirus is so contagious that probably will never disappear completely. “I don’t believe it will disappear because it is a very easily transmitted virus,” Fauci said at a hearing of the house Subcommittee on the outbreak of coronavirus.

a Senior Democrat legislator, the representative of South Carolina James I believe Cliburn urged the administration to trump to unveil a comprehensive plan to combat coronavirus after the death toll from COVID-19 in the United States exceeded 150 thousand people. According to him, the same number of Americans may die, “if the American administration does not take radical steps.” Cliburn is headed by the above Subcommittee of the house of representatives on the outbreak of the coronavirus in the United States.


According to the Johns Hopkins University, which keeps track of the number of diseases on the basis of government reports, as of 07.00 GMT the first of August in the world was 17 531 059 infections and 678 775 deaths. In the United States was ill 561 4 511 people 153,4 thousand of them died. In July, the United States was almost 1.8 million new cases COVID-19, which was 66% more than in June. The mortality in July in America has grown by at least 19%, said .