The Minister of health of Tula region Alexey Erk expressed support for the nurse at work wearing a transparent protection suit for a swimsuit.

“the Nurse would like to say a huge thank you for her work. In fact, the work is very heavy. Unfortunately, there are incidents in our lives,” said Erk in interview to TV channel “First Tula”.

According to him, the nurse continues to work, although the head of the medical organization reprimanded her verbally.

Earlier it became known that the Governor of Tula region Alexey Dyumin supported the nurse, infectious hospital regional hospital, which during the work wearing a bikini under the suit.

Foreign users of the social network Reddit admired nurse, infectious hospital in Tula.

We will remind, this week the Network spread photo of the nurse from infectious disease hospital near Tula, which came on shift in a transparent protective suit, under which she only had a swimsuit. The Ministry of health of the Tula region made her public comment. The girl explained that special protection is very hot and she didn’t think it would be so transparent.