albert A., do you have data on infection with coronavirus in children and adolescents?

albert Likhanov: the United Nations and, in particular, the UN Children’s Fund – UNICEF, more than concerned about the trouble that had fallen on the whole world. And especially the situation of children in a changing world. Children and young people are not only infected COVID-19, but are victims of many of the problems associated with this virus. If mankind does not take measures to eliminate the consequences of the pandemic on children, echoes COVID-19 poisoned our common future.

According to the UNICEF assessment, 186 countries where restrictions on the movement of people from COVID-19, represent 99 percent of living in the world of children and young people under the age of 18 (2.34 billion people). 60 percent of minors are living in the 82 countries with full (7%) or partial (53%) lock, which is 1.4 billion people.

We know that in every crisis affects mainly the dependent, young, and vulnerable, so to speak, the elderly segments of the population.

because of the pandemic has changed the plan of vaccination of children and now the deadlines crisis can not name anybody. What must not be forgotten today?

albert Likhanov: We must acknowledge that decisions on control measures COVID-19 will be accepted on the basis of the most current research to prevent or to minimize any adverse impact on the health of children. Before the crisis, with COVID-19, according to the world statistics, 32 percent of children worldwide are diagnosed with pneumonia were not delivered to the doctor. What happens when COVID-19 will enter into full force? Worldwide we are already seeing failures in immunization services, threatening outbreaks of diseases against which there is already a vaccine, such as polio, measles and cholera. Much more infants, children, young people and pregnant mothers may be lost for reasons not related to the coronavirus if the national health care system already in critical condition, will be completely overloaded.

Today in Russia, the volunteers actively help fellow citizens through a period of self-isolation. The Russian children’s Fund the large network of branches across the country. What kind of volunteer events today are organized by the Fund?

albert Likhanov: First of all, help senior citizens, families with children and the poor. For example, our Department in Vladimir took on the mission of the regional operator of such assistance and has already taken under his wing more than 20 thousand citizens. Powerfully works Krasnodar branch. Kirov, Khabarovsk, Amur, Chelyabinsk, and almost all the rest of our regional organizations, have long been helpers and companions of the local authorities, has managed to combine food donations, which are readily negotiablemarketing campaign with the provision of individual, and often consistent, prolonged, repeated assistance to individuals and families, of course, first and foremost, large. The children here listed as if on the second plan, but they are also family members, and they can’t be hungry.

Until now, the country requires reusable protective mask. Still prices are so high that not everyone can afford to buy them. Adult volunteers handed out reusable protective mask. We 2015 are working with the Chinese Fund for children and adolescents in the rehabilitation program of our children with cerebral palsy. During a pandemic, we turned immediately to our colleagues, and immediately a logistics company World Jaguar offered us to send the mask. Next week we expect delivery of the first batch of surrender in the Scientific center of obstetrics, gynecology and Perinatology named after academician V. I. Kulakov is a huge center where they give birth and nurture of children women from all over the country. We already know that the virus can affect the fetus, if infected mother, so, of course, will help in the first place.

Today in some countries the children went back to school, although no one knows whether it is good. What impact distance learning will have to overcome in Your opinion?

albert Likhanov: In the field of education, a whole generation of children faced with the interruption of training. The nationwide closure of schools around the world have disrupted education for more than 1.57 billion people.

the experience of previous emergencies, UNICEF says when the school closed, the social services disrupted, and movements are restricted, children are at increased risk of exploitation, violence and abuse. For example, the closure of schools during the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa from 2014 to 2016 has led to a sharp increase in child labour, sexual abuse and teenage pregnancy. The most common form of violence faced by children occur at home. In most countries, countless children are subjected to so-called “violent discipline” on the part of caregivers. What happens when these children are unable to leave home, cut off from teachers, friends or security services? And another problem. Millions of children are turning to digital technology to find a way to the outside world. Children must be protected from risks and potential harmful effects on the Internet. All of this is the position of the United Nations.

Today, it became obvious that only joint efforts will help to overcome the pandemic. Tell us about the strategy of the world children’s Fund and the priorities voiced them.

albert Likhanov: UNICEF has launched a program of action for the protection of the most vulnerable groups of children. The agenda consists of six strategies: 1) to preserve the health of children; 2) to ensure the most vulnerable children with appropriate level of sanitation and hygiene, and water in the required quantities; 3) continue to teach children; 4) support families to meet their needs and care for their children; 5) to protect children from violence, exploitation and abuse; and 6) to ensure the protection of refugee children and migrant children and children affected by different military conflicts. Quote from statement by the Executive Director of UNICEF Henriette fauré made in mid-April: “the World United in a common struggle against an invisible enemy. Now everything is focused on the problems of how to avoid or treat COVID-19, but soon we will have to answer the calls that will start later, beyond the current pandemic.

No emergency measures this health crisis can become a crisis, the rights of the child. Only by working together we can save millions of girls and boys healthy, to provide them with security and training.”

And another question: how to prevent severe consequences of the crisis and what to think today for future children, which, whether we like it or not, have already suffered losses – not yet visible to us?

albert Likhanov: Despite the fact that now everyone is focused on how to keep yourself and your family healthy, we must have a serious plan yet by something we do not know the loss of children’s world, to remember the millions of children around the world who risk becoming forgotten victims of this pandemic.

what are we talking, You ask. I recall the story that we have already passed. In the 60-ies on the globe collapsed infantile paralysis. Unknown, as now infection. But she chose the most defenceless part of humanity. The discoverer of life-saving vaccines has become an American doctor albert Sabine, incidentally, comes from Belarus. Initially, the American medical community did not accept his idea. There sway then another idea, did not bring success, but launched into production. Sabine then gave US rejected the vaccine and the technology of its production two Soviet virologists, spouses, Mikhail Petrovich Chumakov and Maria K. Voroshilova hotels on scientific exchange in America. Interesting detail: the US government did not prevent this, so great was the threat to the child in all countries of the world.

And our country has adopted this invention, accelerated pace has produced huge amounts of the vaccine and saved the children that have contracted with us. In total, the vaccine was 100 millions of children of the Soviet Union, and the incidence has decreased in 120 times. We defeated polio! At this time the pandemic polio struck Japan. As far as I know, there is ill, with��or thousands of kids! And the government of Japan prayed, addressing the world: help! Then the government of our great country then instructed to send to Japan a boat with the vaccine. And sick children of Japan was saved! And indeed, hundreds of millions of children in 40 countries were saved then. And it was easy oral medication, that is in his mouth, drinking some water!

isn’t that like a fairy tale! But the tale turned out to be the saving! To me, after a long pause, after the great, without exaggeration, save, had, on behalf of our country to Express our gratitude to albert Sabino and present him for the greatest invention – the International Gold medal named after Lev Tolstoy. And I kept his return a letter of thanks!