the United States are regrouping their troops in Europe to increase its military presence near Russia’s borders. This was stated by Minister of defense mark Esper, the TV channel Fox News.

“We are moving a lot of troops further East, closer to the borders of Russia,” TASS quoted the statement of espera. According to him, it is about “strengthening deterrence”, and most U.S. allies in NATO positively assessed the movement of the American military.

Earlier, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov said that the course of the Pentagon on “containing” Russia and China are deplorable. The Russian foreign Minister noted that these priorities, which declares the head of the defence Department of the USA, testify to the political philosophy of the entire us administration, is clearly not conducive to building dialogue. Lavrov drew attention that our American colleagues are trying to get away from the concept of “strategic stability,” preferring to speak of a “strategic rivalry”.

Recall that in July Esper reported that the territory of Germany will leave almost 12 thousand American soldiers. Most of them will return to the United States, 5400 military translate into the territory of other NATO countries, where there is already American presence.