The head of the Ministry of justice proposed to protect debtors, pensioners

“It will allow to exclude the enforcement of judicial decisions, for example, in respect of debtors: retirees. We need to introduce the legislation in force additional measures to protect the rights of vulnerable categories of citizens”, – said Konstantin Chuichenko.

Photo: Vladimir Song / RIA Novosti Catching debtors for communal will be the number of their car

the announcement came on the Board of the Federal bailiff service. The law prohibits to impose a penalty on some payments. Talking about various social benefits. This money will be used exclusively to support the person in a difficult situation.

Protected, for example, compensation payments to citizens in connection with the care of disabled people. You can’t take the child support, pensions for loss of breadwinner, maternity capital, etc. However, normal retirement your booking does not apply. Now we are discussing a proposal to make protective brand list all pensions, including old age pensions.

Another idea: to establish a statutory mandatory minimum, which must remain a person after foreclosure. That is, if a person has something subtracted from wages on account of the debt, the account must be a living wage.

For the recovery of small fines the bailiffs do not have to initiate enforcement proceedings

anyway, according to the Ministry of justice, we need additional measures of social protection for the poor in the course of enforcement proceedings. For example, in practice often there are cases when the debtor has taken protected by law and social benefits. In the near future the problem should be solved, bailiffs will no longer be so wrong.

Photo: Sergei Mikheev/ RG travel abroad was closed for 365 thousand debtors

the fact that all the money in the accounts look the same and the salary or savings is no different from social benefits. But from June 1 comes into force a law requiring banks to mark protected rubles. In the Ministry of justice has ordered the collection of funds from Bank accounts of debtors under the new rules.

In current Bank documents will be specified corresponding code type of income. And ushers will be able to see what means extends immunity what not. At the same time, experts say that arithmetic will be engaged not themselves police officers, and bankers. It is they, after receiving the decision of the bailiff service, will have to calculate how much you need to get in debt, what part is sacrosanct.

the Minister of justice of the Russian Federation Konstantin Chuichenko drew attention to the importance of the work on the preparation of the target model of superservis “Digital Executive production” in the national project “Digital economy”. Expected to shift to: “registered model” based on the State information system on state and municipal payments. “The establishment of a register of Executive documents will help to ensure the enforceability of the claims of property character to the presentation of the service”, – said Konstantin Chuichenko.

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And for the recovery of small administrative fines, including traffic fines, it is proposed to introduce a simplified procedure when woryou don’t have to initiate enforcement proceedings.”To improve the quality of enforcement need to consider the possibility of collection of administrative fines for small amounts in a simplified manner without the initiation of enforcement proceedings”, – said Konstantin Chuichenko.

He stressed that the introduction of a simplified mechanism provides a centralized performance of Central office FSSP of Russia, more than 30 million execution proceedings instituted on the basis of regulations of traffic police. A third will reduce the load on the territorial bodies of the service. Simply put, a special unit of the Central office of the Federal bailiff service will be able to collect road traffic fines electronically according to the simplified procedure.

Other news from the Board: the debtors declared travel abroad, paid last year to 125 billion rubles. This was a record amount. Including only allowed to travel abroad, alimony paid 9.7 billion rubles.