The head of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine warned about the famine in the country due to coronavirus

Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov has warned citizens about the impending famine and ruin businesses because of the coronavirus.

“Let’s be honest — most people live in Ukraine, having substantial financial savings many families live, that is, from paycheck to paycheck. And we have coronavirus and quarantine,” — said Avakov on his page in Facebook.

According to him, production stops, “quarantine measures forced closed forced many small companies and businesses.”

the Majority of Ukrainians could go without work for a month only, “can is banal not to suffice money to support yourself, family.”

the Head of the interior Ministry proposes to increase budget expenditures for payments to Ukrainians (500-3000 hryvnia per month, $1 — UAH 27), enter the partial payment of utility bills in the amount of 50-75%, help, to stop the accrual of interest on Bank loans.

2014, after a coup in the country, Ukraine’s economy is dependent on international loans.

Avakov proposes to ask for more aid from the IMF and perhaps even default on some obligations “to restructure the external debt of Ukraine, significantly reducing the load on payments and principal payments in the coming years.”