The head of the Ministry of health has given advice to Russians on how to spend hours a week

In the air channel TikTok, the Minister told what you can and can’t do with the Russians at the week – 28 March to 5 April. Is it possible to go on a picnic? How to visit elderly relatives? As the risk of infection is influenced by tobacco and alcohol?

Photo: the Ministry of health has updated the list of recommendations for the treatment of coronavirus Photo: Sergey Mikheev/RG Sobyanin opened the largest coronavirus-patient Department in CCH no 15

In particular, advise the Minister, with elderly relatives, it is best to communicate remotely. “Not the situation when you need to use the weekend to go to visit my grandmother. We see that severe cases of pneumonia – are among older people,” said Mikhail Murashko. He noted that remote communication should not cause older people have great difficulty, because they actively communicate through mobile apps.

And this principle is predominantly remote communicate with family and friends – the head of the medical Department recommends that pre-emption for the entire period of the upcoming non-working weeks. “The main let the transmission airborne droplets, – said the Minister. And although communication in everyday life brings us joy, now just will not give us health,” he said. And added that even during the spread of SARS and influenza schools and kindergartens are closed on quarantine not to people fromblowhole, went to gyms and theatres, and in order to minimize contact.