To the “pilot” was joined by more than 330 manufacturers, 450 distributors and more than 100 importers. “Now the operator of the marking system is working on testing various solutions for the dairy industry for applying code markings, the aim of which is reduction of potential costs for the manufacturer. During the experiment the operator has assumed the cost of equipment and services, so the number of participants is growing,” – said the head of Ministry of industry and trade Denis Manturov.

For small businesses all the process is simplified. The producers and large retail chains in the experiment do not stand aside and actively offer their own solutions, integrated with a marking system. Last year on the basis of a new store in the Krasnodar region started the project “Digital grandma”, aimed at increasing the transparency of trade throughout the supply chain. His Ministry launched jointly with the operator marking the Center of development of advanced technologies and supplier of dairy products. Most of the processes in the supermarket automated. Among the innovations: a digital temperature monitoring, the technology of “smart shelves” with optical and weight control products, identification of the buyer for notices about discounts and payment “in the face” for quick purchases, the system control queues at the box office, as well as randomity for receiving containers.

“Network deploy full-scale digital transformation as operational processes (the formation of the range with the help of artificial intelligence, pricing, competitive bidding of goods) and external services (innovation, Express delivery). And during the “coronaries” leaders of retail sector were able to quickly scale digital services for customers and partners: for example, has multiplied the number of orders per day to the service Express delivery. The introduction of such digital solutions to our trade network will affect the speed and quality of customer service,” – said Denis Manturov.

to Get all the information about the product, its legality, manufacturer, expiration date, buyers can shop. For this you need to install on your mobile device the app is “Honest sign” and scan code Data Matrix, in which is encoded all the information about the product. This is especially true since one of the key tasks of marking – the fight against counterfeiting, establishment of fair competition. Thus, together with the new solutions, which additionally introduces retail, a trip to the store becomes more profitable and secure, and the business fails to optimize the logistics.

an Experiment on the labeling of dairy products launched in 2019. 20 Jan 2021 for certain categories, ��going to be determined by the government, labelling of dairy products will become mandatory. For other categories, to determine the time – not later than 1 October 2021.