The head of the Institute Koch predicted the extension of the pandemic of the coronavirus in 2 years

Pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19 may be delayed for two years, spreading waves, said the head of the Robert Koch Institute (IGC, one of the Central research institutions in Germany, subordinated to the Ministry of health) Lothar Wheeler. It is reported by DW.

According to Wheeler, the duration of a pandemic will depend on the speed of vaccine development, as well as how many people have been ill COVID-19 and will become immune to it. According to the head of IRC, will eventually recover COVID-19 maybe 60-70% of the population, but what would be in the end the mortality rate, we don’t yet, Reuters noted.

Wheeler also said that for the entire period of a pandemic the restrictions, which have recently been introduced in various countries, including Germany.

on Tuesday, the CRF has raised the threat level COVID-19 for countries with a “moderate” to “high,” noting that the number of cases continues to grow. According to 17 March in Germany revealed more than 7 thousand laboratory-confirmed cases of infection COVID-19, 13 people died. From 16 March, the German authorities introduced a partial ban on crossing borders with France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria and Denmark. An exception is made for trucks and cars of local residents working in the neighbouring country. At the same time the representative of the German interior Ministry has admitted that it’s totally unrealistic to control the land border of Germany throughout, such as all 800 km with Austria. The border is nonexistent for many years.

on Monday the President of France Emmanuel macron said that the authorities of the EU and of the Schengen area made the decision for a month to close its external borders, RBC. “All travel is between non-European countries and the EU will be suspended”, – said the President of France.

in addition, from 12:00 on Tuesday in the country actually prohibited people from leaving the house unless absolutely necessary. Citizens can go out only for travel to work and for the trip to the store or the pharmacy for necessities. In the morning a lot of Parisians rushed to the station, trying to leave the capital before the introduction of these restrictions on movement.

the French Government has warned that tens of thousands of police officers will patrol the streets and catch those who are out of the house without a valid reason, confirmed in writing. Violators of the curfew could face a fine of 135 euros.

the President of France Emmanuel macron, in a speech on Monday said that the restriction of movement will operate not less than 15 days. “We are at war with the coronavirus,” he said. At the present time in France was over 6600 confirmed cases COVID-19 and 148 deaths.