Elena Filatova headed FGBUK “State Fund movies Russian Federation” (the Gosfilmofond). In this position, she was replaced by Nicholas Malacova, whose contract was terminated on 30 April 2020.Ms. Filatova was born on 5 September 1972. Graduated from the Moscow electrotechnical College majoring in “Technician-programmer” and the Institute of business and law, specialty “enterprise Management”.For a long time Elena Filatova has held senior positions in broadcasting companies “Star” and “Moskoviya”. Was the Executive producer of live broadcast “First channel” and VGTRK, and also was Executive Director of several documentaries and shows for the Federal TV channels.In 2014, Ms. Filatov became the Executive Director of “Digitalb”, and in 2018 — CEO of “pike Media lab”, specializing in television production and creation of media services.