The head of the detention Golunova said that the journalist was taken to the treatment information from the jail

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Former Deputy head of the Department for control over drug trafficking of the internal Affairs Directorate of CJSC Moscow Igor lyakhovets, arrested on the case of planted journalist Ivan Golunov drugs, said that he fully denies any wrongdoing and is confident that the special correspondent of “Medusa” “really involved in the storage of drugs”. His testimony was published Baza.

last week, a former subordinate of Lyakhovets Denis Konovalov also involved in the case, Golunova, pleaded guilty and testified against the ex-chief. He said that planted drugs in a backpack and the reporter’s apartment it was on the orders of Lyakhovets, taking them out of evidence in another criminal case.

Konovalov’s Lawyer believes that his client has specified the head under pressure. The lyakhovets said that he had not falsified the case, and finds that his colleagues are also not involved. In his testimony, lyakhovets claims that, on 29 March 2019 according to reports from the Moscow SIZO-3 information opened investigation against “persons unknown” with a phone number 8910***. Database of traffic police lyakhovets found out that the phone belongs to Golunova.

the Moscow city court issued a warrant for a tap on this nof the Omer, but, according to ex-COP, it did not produce due to “a lack of technical connections, allowing for listening and also a large queue of operational units”. The lyakhovets through FMS negotiated the passport of a journalist, and through “Yandex.Taxi” – the story of his trips and home address.

the lyakhovets also found that Golunov often travels abroad, especially to Czech Republic and Latvia (“Medusa” is registered in Latvia – approx.ed.). In may, the lyakhovets received permission in the Moscow city court to examine the reporter’s apartment. The testimony also States that from 11 to 26 may, the lyakhovets and his subordinates of the police Department, CJSC jointly with the traffic police, a detachment of interior Ministry special forces “Grom” and cynologists conducted anti-drug raids in places of “mass leisure”, including near the club “Mix”, but Golunov wasn’t there.

26 may, the journalist flew to Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport from the Czech Republic, the lyakhovets found out half an hour before his arrival. “In this regard was reason to believe that Golunov can carry with them from the Czech Republic batch of drugs, however due to the small amount of time the decision on his detention at the airport was cancelled”, – stated in the testimony of former policeman.

He also noted that since June 3, was in holiday, so “officially could not give orders to subordinates about the conduct of the said action.” While the evidence shows that after June 3, operatives are constantly kept Lyakhovets aware of the situation and Golunova and some order he gave.

June 3 operatives Denis Konovalov, Akbar All and Roman Feofanov began to follow a journalist. “Employees of operational units endowed with the right to produce the operatively-search event. Thus, the making of any decision on holding of this event was not required,” explained the lyakhovets.

the same day, Konovalov wiretapping phone Golunova learned “information on the transfer of some discs”, as reportedSIL of the head. In the next two days the journalist of “no active or suspicious action is carried out.” June 6 (the day of the arrest of special correspondent) the police followed by Holonovel from his home to the entrance at the address: Petrovsky Boulevard 17/1.

the lyakhovets instructed to detain the journalist, if the fact of his meeting “with anyone and will be installed, the transfer of any subject.” Operatives “grazed” a journalist at the house on Petrovsky Boulevard, and did it so openly that Golunov noticed, but “an unknown man” took a picture of the police car on the phone. After that, the lyakhovets ordered employees to change their place of deployment.

From the story of Lyakhovets it turns out that, although he officially was on vacation, but in fact continued to perform duties: in particular, he came to followed by Holonovel subordinates, talking to Konovalov, and then “on official business proceeded in the direction of the Moi of Russia in Moscow”.

Lyakhovets Later reported that the journalist came out of the door, “and he turned and briskly moving away from home”, which was interpreted as “suspicious behavior”. The lyakhovets ordered to detain him. The ex-policeman explained that the detention took place without the participation of the investigation group because of the rush and concerns of “leakage of information is possible accomplices” Golunova. For the same reason the journalist was not searched on the spot, and the police Department at JSC.

the evidence shows that the lyakhovets was not present during the personal search, and the discovery of drugs in a backpack Golunova supposedly learned from Konovalov. “He and Feofanov lucky Golunova I. V. for a medical examination in a narcological hospital where Golunov, I. V., threw a tantrum, grabbed hold of the chairs and over the railing of the stairs. So he used physical force,” – said the lyakhovets.

According to him, he also was not present when search of apartment of the correspondent. The lyakhovets insists that deition of his command were legitimate, and Golunov, “by public outcry and the antipathy of society towards law enforcement”, slandered police officers “to avoid bringing him to criminal responsibility for particularly serious article.”

“In my opinion, Golunova rehabilitated in view of preventing the planned actions of mass protests on the eve of the Russia Day and the annual direct line with President of the Russian Federation”, – stated in the testimony of Lyakhovets.

Recall “passed” chief Denis Konovalov said that he had planted drugs Golunova in a backpack a few minutes after his arrest, when the journalist was handcuffed and led into a police car. Konovalov also admitted that they planted drugs in the apartment of the journalist directly during a search of the unnoticed from the rest of the participants of operational activities. The main witness in the case against Dmitry Bokarev in his testimony earlier, said that during the search at some point, Konovalov was gone from his sight.

Golunov, commenting on the publication of the testimony of Lyakhovets, said that the club “Mix” control, the brothers Maserati involved in the investigation of a journalist about the funeral business. It is, in the opinion of the correspondent, could serve as a pretext for the fabrication of a drug case. “It’s the clubs that are on the former territory of badayevsky brewery, where I never even was,” Golunov says.