the head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksenov announced about the unprecedented flow of tourists in the region and said that the Peninsula has already received its first million tourists in 2020. About this he wrote on his page in “Vkontakte”.

“More than a third of holidaymakers (32.1 percent) came to the Peninsula by planes, 4.8% by rail, 63.1 per cent of traffic on the Crimean bridge,” said Feldman.

in addition, the head of the region noted that the availability of the accommodation facilities on the South Bank is 95 percent, and a four – and five-star hotels are booked 100 percent until the end of August.

As noted Aksenov, according to the Ministry of resorts and tourism of the Republic of Crimea, on average, the number of rooms on the Peninsula filled with 70 percent. “An increasing number of accommodation facilities, ready to receive tourists. To date, 727 of the resorts and hotels have committed themselves to work during the holiday season,” he added.

Earlier in July, it was reported that hotels in the popular resorts of the Crimea over the place. As told to the regional authorities and entrepreneurs, the tourist season on the Peninsula during demonstrated “outstanding performance” in the July occupancy of the hotels on the southern coast of Crimea (SCC) made up 95 to 100%.

At the same time, former chief sanitary doctor of Russia and state Duma Deputy Gennady Onishchenko declared a dangerous holiday in the South of Russia during a pandemic. He noted that the beaches are “overwhelmed” by visitors and it can contribute to the spread of the virus.

July 1, in Russia launched a full-fledged holiday season — the timing of its opening was previously delayed due to quarantine measures and restrictions, introduced on the background of the pandemic coronavirus throughout the country. It is known that currently only 67 subjects of States are ready to take a rest.