May award the staff for their work in the fight against coronavirus have to pay until June 3, ordered the acting Governor of Sevastopol Mikhail Razvozhaev.

He commissioned the accrual period and not to create “Abraham”.

– up To 3 June, all payments are to be made, it applies to presidential and government surcharges, and all regional – said Razvozhaev.

Deputy Governor of Sevastopol Alexander Kulagin today reported on the accrual of all incentive payments to physicians for March and April. In particular, additional funds from the regional budget paid other personnel of ambulances and hospitals.

on may 22, after meeting with the staff of the ambulance, the government of Sevastopol has expanded the list of clinicians who rely on regional allowances. The list includes doctors, nurses and ambulance drivers who do not receive Federal payments for special working conditions and more stress. To receive payments in the amount of 22 thousand, 11 thousand and 5.5 thousand rubles, respectively. In particular, these payments will get the brigade who work at checkpoints and perform medical monitoring of everyone who enters the Sevastopol. Also payment of 5.5 thousand rubles guaranteed by other personnel, providing the conditions for the provision of medical care to patients with COVID-19.

According to Vice-Governor of Sevastopol Alexander Kulagin, the total amount of additional payments amounted to 2.66 million rubles. The money has already been communicated to employees. Allowances received not just doctors and EMTs, but also employees of offices of packing of medicines, drivers, plumbers, mechanics, computer operators, cleaners, technicians.

Similar payments accrued other personnel of the two Sevastopol hospitals that accept patients with COVID-19. It’s Elevator operators, plumbers, maintenance workers, dispatchers, housekeeper. As noted Kulagin, these people work in the hospital along with the medical staff and are also at risk.

All regional incentives for March and April 2020 1022 received seven employee of the Sevastopol medical institutions for a total amount of 21.8 million rubles. That’s five hospitals, ambulance and laboratory, where tests are performed coronavirus.

Federal payments for April in Sevastopol received 1073 paramedic for the sum of 16.12 million rubles. Allowances for work in the “red zone” 688 paid to physicians and ambulance drivers for a total amount of 36 million rubles.