The head of RUSADA, commented on the license of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow/Evgeny Samarin

the head of the Russian anti-doping Agency (RUSADA) Yuri Hanus commented on the temporary revocation of the license of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory. As reported IA “NSN”, the specialist called it predictable.

on the Eve of world anti-doping organization (WADA) has suspended the license of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory. As a result, the lab lost the right to conduct blood tests for the biological passport of athletes.

“In fact, it could be used to deprive, because the last situation of change databases suggests that WADA has no confidence in the safety of samples and databases. And that strict requirements under the Convention of UNESCO on the organization of work and to ensure unimpeded access and the right of WADA,” said Hanus.

According to the head of RUSADA currently, the organization is collaborating with European laboratories and guarantees the rights of athletes and the testing of athletes.

Hanus also said that fundamentally new anti-doping laboratory in Russia, it is possible to create not earlier than in 5-7 years. He said that the country needs more laboratories with such status. In addition, it is impossible to initiate work on a new laboratory without dealing with the old.

Russian athletes suspended from participation in the Olympics and other international competitions by the decision of the WADA Executive Committee for four years. During this time, you are to perform only a limited number of athletes, and in a neutral status – no flag and anthem.

to Attend sporting events also will not be able Russian civil servants and representatives of the Olympic and Paralympic committees of Russia.

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