Switzerland will be just with almost spring-like temperatures are spoiled. With the beautiful weather is a nuisance but comes back – the hay fever. In Germany, approximately 1.2 million people suffer from a pollen Allergy. LOOK spoke with Bettina Ravazzolo, consultant at aha! Allergy centre Switzerland, about the causes and what to do about it.


are Hazels particularly active “in Some Pollen already flying in the Winter. Therefore, it is to say, sometimes hard, whether it is in the case of health complaints, such as runny nose, a cold or a pollen Allergy,” says Bettina Ravazzolo. From a temperature of about 10 degrees, the first plants begin to bloom. Hazels and alders are particularly active. Anyone who is allergic to it, is already struggling now with sneezing attacks, fatigue and watery eyes.

“In Switzerland are affected by approximately 20% of the population of a pollen Allergy – and the trend is rising.” This had several reasons, told Bettina Ravazzolo. On the one hand, this depends on the changing environment, the Pollen by air pollutants to be more aggressive. On the other hand, but also with our way of life. Nowadays, everything is much cleaner and more hygienic than in the past. Our immune system is not trained for this and suddenly stops responding to harmless substances such as Pollen. A pollen Allergy can be inherited, also, even.

You can, with a few simple measures

Bettina Ravazzolo protect gives tips on how hay fever Sufferers preventative protect: “home leave the Windows closed and only kick air.” It is important to wash before bed the hair and clothes in the bedroom to undress, as Pollen could be found in. Ravazzolo advises against pollen Allergy sufferers to hang your clothes to Dry outside. Who goes out and contributes to the protection against flying Pollen at the best sunglasses.

not all it Helps, there are also good medicines and therapies such as desensitization, Ravazzolo. You should speak with the family doctor or an allergist. (bra)

Plagues you, too, of hay fever? What do you do against annoying allergies? You write us your tips to community@blick.ch or in the comment column.