some are annoyed by your dry fringe, others are struggling, in contrast, quickly greasy hair. But what is the mane can be oily to be? The sebaceous glands under the skin for the fat production. And the Evolution has something in mind: The fat layer takes on important functions in our body. It ensures that our skin dries out and forms a protective layer against chemicals and pathogens.

How much of the tallow fat produce glands is, in part, genetically determined. In addition, men are more active have glands, while the fat production in women fluctuates with the hormonal balance greatly. Also too much Stress or a poor diet can be a trigger.

What are the habits make the hair oily?

Because the sebaceous glands in the skin, not don’t let that affect how often the hair is washed whether daily hair wash, or only a few times a week, is so crucial. However, some in the shower unconscious error or use the wrong products, which makes for a increased fat formation.

Who massaged the care to strongly stimulates the production of the sebaceous gland and its hair faster stringy effect. Special Shampoos contain a lot of fat-dissolving surfactants – that sounds good, but you can attack the hair and the scalp. Therefore, A more economical use is recommended. And, therefore, better for frequent use mild lotions or baby shampoo are. Because if the scalp to severely dry out, the sebaceous glands with increased fat formation. Washing lotions with silicones act as moisturizing and are therefore counterproductive, as well as adversely styling products with Oil or wax, as well as hot Blow-drying.

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