There is no doubt that the UBS is well managed. Possibly even better than ever – at least in the past twenty years. There is therefore no doubt that the Group Chief Executive Officer Sergio Ermotti, along with the Board President, Axel Weber, the correct figures at the top of the Bank.

however, There is a reasonable doubt, that the bosses earn what you deserve: Ermotti 14.1 million Swiss francs, Weber around 6 million in the year.

Such sums of money, you can not earn even one is able to grasp the work of the two. The half would still be more than princely. Every eligible nurse in the intensive care unit, what the Bank’s bosses, judging by using their easy to Do as work. The specialist in the hospital, even for people life responsibility. Money managers are carrying umbrellas Golden Case.

Seis drum, Ermotti and Weber understand your profession. The Ticino has it learned from the very beginning; the German VR Chairman has formed a socially and politically cultured head, as there is hardly another Banker. The UBS can be with your tip.

Nevertheless, the shareholders of this leadership refused to discharge – an event with a sensational value!

discomfort is driven into the Bank’s owners, because the UBS in France at the end of February was sentenced for instance to a fine of 3.7 billion euros and to the payment of compensation of 800 million euros. You should have seduced French citizens by specially arrived emissaries to bring their money to UBS prior to the French Treasury in taxes.

The sounds in Swiss ears not new, this was big business, operated by the Swiss financial institutions with diligence, until international pressure from the lucrative practice stopped. The process in France is one of the heritage from that Era.

In a VIEW-Interview with Sergio Ermotti responded with the affirmation: “In the case of France, the UBS has infringed any Swiss law.”

This set defies logic: If the allegations of the French justice in the case, has violated the UBS in France nature in accordance with French law. What is the asseveration of innocence, according to Swiss law?

The sentence provides the key to the Swiss self-understanding, as it is the financial centre of generation-long practice of Swiss law is our only law, and remains legal when other Nations other right – your own – claim.
The absurd interpretation of the law was based on the unshakable innocence of feeling, with which Switzerland has defended its banking secrecy on the world stage.

the Swiss law was world law. The law of the other foreign law, is spoken of foreign judges. Switzerland persecuted innocence from the Alpine country.

inspired by such Patriotic-mounted narrow-mindedness, was the plundering of foreign tax coffers, without scruples. The spirit of that past time sounds like still, if Sergio Ermotti claims to have injured in France “at no time, Swiss law”.

The statement a statement from Axel Weber in the same Interview on the case of France is opposed to now, but: “The evidence in the file shows no clear fault of UBS.”

No clear-cut blame?

The German basic law citizen, grown up in the public Institution, the Bundesbank, influenced by the German ability to admit guilt, it draws after all, consider that UBS might have violated French law.

And in an Interview with the “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” known Axel Weber: “We trust the French legal system.”

What a blessing, this Swiss German – overpaid but not overrated!