The growth of industrial production in Russia slowed in January to 1.1%

Industrial production in Russia increased in January by 1.1% on year vs. 1.7% in December, 0.7% in November and 3 percent in October 2019, according to Rosstat.

overall, industrial production increased in 2019, 2.3% in 2018 3.5%.

In the manufacturing sector in January registered growth of 3.9% versus 4% in December, 2019 In the extractive industries, a marked decline by 0.4% after rising 0.5% in December.

industries electric power, gas and steam in January, a decline of 4.7% from 4.8% in December.

With the exception of seasonal and calendar factors, industrial production decreased in January by 0.8%, after rising 0.8 percent in December.

oil Production declined in January by 0.7% yoy, gas production — by 4.9%, coal 9.3%.

car Production in January dropped by 16.5%.

economic development in the baseline scenario forecasts growth of industrial output in 2020 by 2.3%.