The ground was replaced with money, and the fare fives in school

There is a choice: earth or money

In Bashkiria in force Republic act, which waited so long for large families and families with a disabled child. They finally have the right to receive benefits in the form of land for individual construction or to replace it with a one-time payment of 250 thousand rubles.

Photo: Vladimir Smirnov / TASS In Bashkiria will grow forest using biologics

the Practice of allocating land to families at the birth of a third child exists in Bashkortostan for many years. In some cities, especially in Ufa, a large stand in a queue to receive a plot of years. According to deputies of the state Assembly – Kurultay RB, the new law will allow to relieve the tension in this issue, at least in those major cities where there is a shortage of available land for housing.

“Cash payment in such a situation would be a compromise acceptable to all parties, – said the Chairman of state Assembly – Kurultay of Bashkortostan Republic, Konstantin Tolkachev. And will allow you to relieve stress with queues. In addition, the payment would be preferable to those families who do not have the financial ability or desire to build. Many of them until March of this year, received land, immediately sold it. Now people have a choice: go get the money or take the land”.

Show me the diary and can not pay

In Ulan-Ude, capital of Buryatia, one of the bus routes of steel free haul of honors.

Showing the driver a fiver in the diary or record book, guys do not pay the fare. So on one trip, students can save 20 rubles. Now that is how much is the fare for public transport.

Photo: iStock the Teacher told me how to make learning interesting for students

the bus appeared and relevant ads about the promotion. This action was organized by the drivers themselves. While joined only a few people. But perhaps their example will want to follow, and others. In fact, according to those who already took the honors for free, such actions are fun.

“the Kids are excited, I like when they are happy. Satisfied, the money something buy yourself, – said Alexander, who became one of the first to take as payment five”. He is a dad and I am sure that such a small bonus incentive for the guys to learn better. Sometimes the driver also carries free of charge for the elderly.

Such actions are satisfied and in other cities of Russia. And the drivers themselves, and representatives of local authorities. So marshrutochniki from Chelyabinsk uncle Samvel became famous for free to carry children for five and four to give them a discount of five rubles. And in Sochi the most successful students – excellent students, winners of Olympiads, competitions and conferences – decided to issue a special transport card which is free to ride the bus 40 times a month.