During the quarantine, introduced due pandemic COVID-19, many Russians came to live in the garden. This summer, it seems, will also have to spend at home: international borders for tourists is closed, in the South of Russia are only open the resort, so vacationers increasingly are spending money on the garden land.

Tell, what they buy most often, how to have fun in isolation and whether you plan to move from the city permanently.

Pandemic and the ensuing period of self-isolation has revealed the residents of cities new requirements. We are talking about the desire to be freer than in the apartment, closer to nature and to have at its disposal not a few dozen square meters, and at least a few acres. According to experts, demand for rent of cottages in Moscow suburbs began to increase in March, peaked in April, and by may, the market has remained little liquid suggestions.

market Participants attributed the rise in popularity of country houses this year compared to the average performance with the regime of isolation, which must be observed in many regions of the country, so with the mass cancellation of vacation plans. According to a study conducted by “Avito” among 5 thousand of Russians, 45% of them have cottages, 27% go to rest of the city to friends or relatives, and 2% cottage rent. The share of Russians wishing to rent a summer house this year increased significantly. According to the Deputy Director of Department of rent of apartments the company “Inkom-real Estate” Oksana Polyakova, compared with the figures for April last year, the number of requests for summer rental country houses in the suburbs increased by 30%.

In this part of the tenants is going to hold for not only the holiday period: they rent the house for one to three months, as they have the ability to work remotely, or choose a regular commute from the country. The company believes that part of the “spring” tenants can become “summer”, extending the previously concluded contract. “Thus, the number of lease transactions in the suburban segment in the summer of 2020 may be more than double the rate of the warm season in 2019,” — said Polyakov.

Almost two-fold increase in the demand for holiday homes in other large cities of Russia: St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Krasnoyarsk, the head of the project “Renewed” Ruslan dry. In Voronezh, according to him, and even recorded a fourfold increase in demand. However, as the head of the analytical center CYANOGEN Alex Popov, the main surge in demand for rental cottages in Russia has passed.

however, he added that owners of less liquid cottages on the background of excessive demand are not ready to change the terms and conditions.

Performance��, the President of the Board of Directors “best new Building” Irina Dobrokhotova confirms the opinion of Alexei Popov: in the public databases of ads today are not the most attractive offers — house with no amenities, or located far from train stations and shops.

According to Popov, to date, the average lease rate in Moscow region amounted to 81 thousand, with an average area of the house 170 sq. m. In early March, the rate averaged 85,7 thousand rubles with an average area of 207 sq m.

the Head of direction of short term rentals “Craigslist real Estate” Artem Kropotkin says that in other major cities, such as Yekaterinburg and Omsk, demand increased by 6% and 8%. While in Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov-on-don, Samara and Chelyabinsk decrease in rental rates was 14%, 8%, 13% and 11%, respectively.

One of the first departure of citizens to testify said the representatives of the mobile operators that shared the data churn on the example of Moscow region.

“We noticed that in Moscow with the General increase in traffic per subscriber decreased the total number of active clients. It is connected with leaving a living in the capital subscribers ‘home regions, and Muscovites — to the country”, — said the representative of Tele2. According to him, at the end of March, analysts have recorded anomalous traffic growth in 11 suburban cities, which indirectly indicated previously, the opening of the summer season. Now increase data traffic in the Moscow region is 9% compared to mid-March. Similar data are provided in the “Beeline”: according to her, a little more than 10% of subscribers at the time of isolation left Moscow in Moscow oblast.

In turn, representatives of the company MTS noticed that many vacationers are working remotely and increasingly carried out in a country house in the Internet. According to commercial Director of Moscow region MTS Alexey Nazarov, the increase in applications for the connected home in the suburbs from mid-March amounted to about 20%, compared with the average for weeks. If in the first week of isolation of the traffic of fixed Internet in the Moscow region (Moscow and the Moscow region) has increased dramatically by 40%, now he’s stabilized, but still exceeds by 35% the indicator dekorativnogo period, he added.

Less important indicators in this sector is showing a “Megaphone”. According to the company, the number of regular users USB modems, and mobile router “MegaFon” in the territory of the Moscow region from mid-March increased by 7%. The average amount of traffic one suburban user USB modem increased from 34 to 52 GB per month. Top 5 districts according to the number of modem users is entered Odintsovo, ��strinsky, Solnechnogorskiy, Ramenskiy and Dmitrovskiy districts. Leaders in the growth of mobile traffic Stupino steel (4.5 times), mo (3 times), Pavlovo-Posadskiy (2.3 times), Volokolamsk (2.1 times) and Cech (2 times) areas.

Representatives of “Rostelecom” noted the increase in the consumption of TV and video content on additional OTT-screens which include smartphones, tablets and laptops. It is connected primarily with the regime of self-isolation, but also supported and migration to the cottage. “The fact that big TV you can’t take it, but on a smartphone or laptop, you can watch the same content video that and home” according to the company.

According to “Rostelecom”, depending on the region in may relative to April recorded growth OTT-activations Wink video service that develops a company by 30-40%, and in some regions even more than 50%. In addition, with the start of the summer season is traditionally marked increase in demand for cloud-based video surveillance systems “Smart house”, which allow you to remotely control things, added the company.

Often the Russians use modern technology to search for and the acquisition of summer goods. As reported in “Yandex. Market”, demand for them began to grow from 18 April. In the first half of may experts have recorded two surge in demand for this category, and peaked on may 6, — then compared with April 15, it increased by 80%. In General, in early may of this year, the interest of Russians to the country the goods almost two times higher than last year.

the Most popular category of summer goods among users of “Yandex. Market” this spring began gardening equipment, including pressure washers, lawn mowers and trimmers. On the second place on popularity — seeds and seedlings.

“compared to the previous year, the interest in plants very high from the beginning of may the Russians are interested in saplings and shrubs is about three times more than last year,” the company said. Also very popular on “Yandex. The market” is garden furniture — mainly chairs and sun loungers, for which demand has grown 2.5 times, and swing, the number of people willing to purchase which for the year increased by 1.5 times.

According to Director of business development at Ozon Anna Karpova, the desire to equip the recreation area in the country this year directly due to the refusal of the Russians from travelling. In addition to the increase of purchases of plants, seeds and garden furniture, she notes the increase in the popularity of garden equipment and tools, including pruning shears, cultivators, rechargeable grass shear and hedge trimmers.

Among the goods for care of plants, the Russians basically ordered to “Take” substrates, soils and mulch. Moste popular garden machinery steel high-pressure cleaners and garden equipment — hand sprayers and tools for soil treatment, the company said.

press service marketplace of Wildberries noted that this year the lawn mowers have become more popular than 35 times, the electric saw is 15 times than last year. Sale of greenhouses has tripled and country fencing — seven times.

Director of category “Garden” shop “Leroy Merlin” Natalia Tanygin said that since the beginning of the year monthly sales growth at the suburban facilities amounted to more than 20% compared to last year. The biggest demand is for garden furniture and bikes for mowing grass.

Pandemic coronavirus has changed the views of Russians on many things, including possible ways of spending free time. According to the study “Avito” it turned out that after some spooky time of samosoznanii almost a quarter of the country’s residents considering the purchase of a garden that has always been able to get out of town. However, not all implement this desire.

“We do not anticipate further increase in demand for the purchase of villas. The quarantine continues, the financial position of the buyers is becoming worse, and most people are not up to such optional purchase, as a country,” — said the head of the analytical center “Inkom-real Estate” Dmitry Taganov and adds that the cost of suburban housing is unlikely to significantly change. Cottages unlikely ever to match the popularity of the apartments, since most people prefer to live in the city.

Indeed, the level of infrastructure development in most settlements does not presuppose everything you need in walking distance — even in school often have to take the kids to the car, not to mention a clinic or kindergarten, confirms Alexey Popov from CYANOGEN:

the Head of the project “Renewed” Ruslan dry adds that the majority of Russians consider the transition to work remotely as a temporary measure. In the future every day to get from the country to work and back not all ready. Experts agree that the growth of suburban real estate in the near future is unlikely, if such acquisitions will be made, only with the purpose of the summer vacation.

Victoria soiko