The Governor of new York asked the President of the United States additional help

the Governor of new York said the U.S. President about the need to allocate additional funds to the States. In light of the pandemic the authorities of the territories is now “desperately in need” – said Andrew Cuomo, the TV channel MSNBC.

“we are required to provide the conditions for the lifting of sanitary measures because of a pandemic, but sufficient funds allocated for this purpose was not. Additional assistance will help to improve the situation on the ground”, – quotes the Governor of new York TASS.

According to Cuomo, “the President reacted to the request with understanding.” At the meeting, trump called for the inclusion of additional financial assistance to the States in a new bill. Earlier, the US President announced that 20 States are preparing for the safe recovery of their economies in the near future and now “developing plans”.

last week the White house sent to the governors of the States recommendations for the removal of sanitary restrictions.

According to the Johns Hopkins University, which maintains statistics on the incidence in the United States coronavirus infected more than 816 thousand people. The most difficult situation in the state of new York, where the epidemic affected more than 250 thousand inhabitants, of which 15 thousand died from complications of the disease.