a Member of the Federation Council of the government of Yaroslavl region will be Sergey Berezkin. The corresponding decree was signed by the Governor of the region Dmitry Mironov.

According to the head of the region Sergey Berezkin – a man of impeccable reputation, with extensive experience in the Executive branch. His record includes various posts of public service, including as Deputy Governor of the region. Last years Sergey Berezkin dedicated to public activities, was the head of regional Public chamber.

Place a representative from the government of the Yaroslavl region in the Federation Council became vacant after occupying the post of Senator from 2017 Igor Ghahramanyan was appointed the first Deputy Minister of health of Russia.

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Sergey Berezkin was born 23 June 1955 in Yaroslavl. He graduated from the automotive Department of the Yaroslavl Institute of technology and the Russian socio-political institution. He worked as a mechanic shop, he was involved in Komsomol and party work. Since 1993 worked in various positions in the administration of the Yaroslavl region, in 2008, became Deputy Governor of the region. Since 2014 – adviser to the Governor on issues of Patriotic education. Since 2015 member of the Public chamber of the Yaroslavl region. He is married and has two daughters.