in addition, volunteers from among the students of the College paid financial incentives in total 498,9 thousand rubles.

the Meeting took place on the eve of the medical worker Day, which is traditionally celebrated on the third Sunday of June.

Thank you and congratulate you and your teachers – thank you for what you do for our medicine, for the Novosibirsk region, for the whole country. You create confidence in our future, the future of our health and development, – said the head of the region.

Volunteer corps Novosibirsk medical College employs 220 people. Andrei Travnikov told the guys that gets a lot of positive feedback about their work in the period of the pandemic coronavirus.

With some students the Governor met at the Novosibirsk airport jointly with the staff of the sanitary checkpoint of the airport Tolmachevo was organized by the thermometric control of passengers. According to the head of the region, this work was won, prepared health system and the region’s economy was able to resume work almost fully functional.

Invaluable and the help that the city’s residents from the risk group have students participating in the volunteer project of the party “United Russia”.

the head of the region expressed the belief that over the last three months – in the context of the struggle of the region with the coronavirus that causes many students of the College confirmed in his choice of profession, in recognition of his vocation.

Also at Novosibirsk medical College Andrew herbalists inspected the demonstration of the exam in the skill “the Health and social care”, examined the workshop, hospice, laboratory, outpatient day hospital, home room and room chief expert.

help “RG”

Volunteer sanitary post of throughput at the airport is the only in Russia a similar project initiated by the educational institution. Twenty-four hour service in Tolmachevo provide 44 teachers and 32 students. To assist the medical organizations were involved graduate students. During the work of more than 15 graduates were employed.

Total in the 2019-2020 academic year, 708 of College graduates in a complex of sanitary and epidemic situation provided practical assistance to healthcare organizations of Novosibirsk.