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Hairdressers, hudpleiesalonger and physiotherapists are among those who have been required to keep closed to limit the korona-infection in Norway. Too many disappeared the proceeds of the night, while fixed costs like rent and interest payments run as normal.

For many of these firms are, therefore, not the already introduced krisetiltakene enough to survive.

Many have been waiting in suspense on what kind of compensation they will get from the state. Already on Wednesday suggested Norwegian trade and industry minister Iselin Nybø (V) that there will be a form of “financial support” to businesses that are hit, it will say a payout from the government that completely or partially replaces the inntektsbortfallet.

Government is working with the compensation scheme for businesses

Næringsministeren will together with finance minister Jan Tore Sanner (H) and in Olaug Bollestad (KrF) present what kind of

$ a krisepakke in store

the’s businesses that are presented at. 08 today is a part of what we may call “Krisepakke 3”. The rest of the package is presented at a press conference with, among others, prime minister Erna Solberg at. 12 in the day.

This round of measures is expected to mainly be directed towards the business sector.

Comprehensive measures implemented already

Previously the government and the Parliament negotiated their way to the two major “packages” of measures.

Among other things, introduced the following employees and self-employed persons:

laid off secured a salary for 20 days. The employer is obliged to pay wages for the first two days, while the state takes over the responsibility to pay the employee wages for the last 18 days. The self-employed and freelancers can get 80 percent of their income from the Nav as of day 17 without work. In addition, the law on sick pay from day three and omsorgspenger from day four. Apprentices who lose lærlingplassen will get the salary. In addition, several low-income households receive unemployment benefits. Usually one must have had an income of 150.000 nok in the last twelve months, now lowered the limit temporarily to 75.000 million.

For the business sector have been introduced, among other things, the following measures

Employers will only pay sick pay and omsorgspenger for the first three days. Omsorgspenger among others, parents who are home with the kids because of closed schools and kindergartens. Businesses don’t have to pay vat and withholding by the deadline in april. Vat for passenger transport and hotellovernattinger is reduced from 12 to 8 per cent. Private airports will receive compensation for lost income of flyplassavgift. 100 billion in loans

On top of this, the government has pledged 100 billion at its disposal in two schemes to help companies not to lose money while the economic crisis rages:

A state lånegaranti for bank loans particularly aimed at small and medium-sized businesses. This includes new loans to businesses that banks believe will be profitable in the long term, and the government will guarantee for a larger share of the loans. The scheme, are in the first place a frame on the 50 billion. Restore the government bond as a measure directed against the largest companies in Norway. The measure shall contribute to increased liquidity and capital in the bond markets so that companies still get a loan. The government will propose to Parliament that the fund receives a frame of up to 50 billion. The fund is managed by Folketrygdfondet. More about koronaviruset OversiktSiste nyttSpørsmålNyhetsbrev