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Norway has the highest number of laid off and unemployed since the second world war. The battle to knock down the infection creates large problems for businesses and individuals throughout the country, says prime minister Erna Solberg (H)

New Friday, new krisepakke. The Norwegian economy shaken by both national and international korona-effects, and the needs for economic measures looking not yet seem to have no end.

Fortunately, we have economic freedom. This is the scope we use now, says finance minister Jan Tore Sanner (H).

the Government is now opening for the Nav should be able to anticipate the payment of unemployment benefits. Thus can the unemployed get the money quickly into your account without having to wait for the application will be processed. With 335.000 completely or partially registered as the unemployed saying that the processing time on the Nav can be a challenge.

In addition, the unemployed and laid off which is about to go out maksperioden on unemployment benefits get extended dagpengeperioden its out the month of June.

Earlier in the day the government launched a form of financial support to companies that have received sharp fall in turnover:

Now comes the cash assistance to businesses

Now comes further measures aimed at the business sector, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (see below).

The economic prospects worsened

the Ministry of finance came in today with updated forecasts for the Norwegian economy. The new assays are gloomier than the previous ones.

Now estimates the ministry that Mainland GDP could fall 2 percent this year. It is one percentage point lower than the ministry estimated a week ago.

Although the estimates are very uncertain, and there is no doubt that the Norwegian economy is hit hard. It underscores the importance that we in a short time have put in place powerful economic measures, says economy minister Sanner.

He says that the economic measures so far announced will pump a total of 310 billion into the Norwegian economy. And it is before the 20-40 billion to cover part of their fixed costs in the next two months (the measure was launched in the day).

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Part of the money, the state will after all choose to get back again, and with that a part of the billion granted as loans and deferred tax and not as grants.

– Everyone must contribute

During the press conference were prime minister Erna Solberg clear that it is not provided that the state shall compensate all the fixed expenses of the companies. And she came with a clear call to the homeowners.

– There is no reason that the state should compensate all the rent, so that those renting out receive this directly. Here, we believe that everyone must contribute. The parliament must now be concerned that this not only becomes a overføringsordning to those who are the biggest landlords in the Uk, but that we all contribute. At the same time, there are many landlords that do it already by the fact that they say that they have gone down 20 to 30 per cent in rent, in a period of time.

Owners of shopping centres, the notifications on Friday that they will provide between 10 and 30 per cent husleierrabatt to tenants who were affected by the koronakrisen, including the Olav Thon Group, Norgesgruppen Property and Reitan Eiendom.

Rødts leader Bjørnar Moxnes is keen to set tough requirements to the home owners in this situation.

– If we do not impose requirements about to get halved husleia with the major players, billions of skattekroner go straight into their account. It is a completely pointless use of money that should have gone to help businesses that are in a major crisis.

– But the signals is that they have to take part?

– It is a great thought, but better than the signals are clear demands from the Parliament. Pious wishes will not work.

Money to entrepreneurs and research

Norwegian trade and industry minister Iselin Nybø (V)

2,5 billion in grants to young growthestablishments Innovation Norway’s framework for innovasjonslån increases from 1.6 billion. million to 3 billion. nok 300 million to be added in a rentestøttefond 50 million to be given as grants to private innovasjonsmiljøer 250 million to the industrial research via the Research council of norway 1 billion. money extra government investment fund Investinor. This fund go in as partner with private investors to strengthen the business in growth.

another measure is that the low rate of tax, that was previously cut from 12 to 8 per cent, now cut further to 7 per cent.

Krisepakke after krisepakke

Since the korona measures for seriously hit the Norwegian economy, has the economic aid measures come on the continuous belt.

A number of measures are introduced to make permitteringsregelverket more favourable for both workers and companies. Many of regelendringene means that the state takes a larger part of the regninga.

A new round of measures included a temporary cut in the taxes as well as subsidies for culture and the idrettssektoren. The airline industry has got its own krisepakke.

In addition, the government has pledged 100 billion at its disposal in two major schemes. The point is to ensure companies access to loans in a time where private actors are more reluctant to borrow money.

29 328 the Number of sick with proven or suspected korona

118 New sick leave the last day

Last updated: 27. march County New per d.d Total Oslo 105 5279 Creek 139 7353 Rogaland 69 3172 Møre and Romsdal 16 919 Nordland 7 720 Inland 35 1465 Vestfold and Telemark 38 2171 Agder 23 1446 Vestland 38 3878 Trønderlag 32 1620 Troms and Finnmark 17 990 Unknown 0 147 Show per county

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