To promote the adoption of generic medicines, the government has decided to tackle the wallet. According to a provision of the social Security budget, the payments will be made now on the basis of the price of the generic. The only exception is those who have a medical justification.

As every year, the government wants to strengthen the use of generic medicines in the framework of the money – $ 3.8 billion in 2019 – requested from the health sector, focusing this time on two new measures.

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Thus, the “repayment of an insured person who does not wish to, without medical justification, the substitution proposed by the pharmacist will be now on the basis of the price of the generic,” is it written in the press dossier of the draft law of financing social Security (PLFSS). However, a generic costs, on average 40 % less than the princeps, according to the ministry of Health. “We ask the French, who will want access to a drug of name of mark to put in their pocket,” explained to the press the minister of Health, Agnes Buzyn. “That is to say that they will be reimbursed on the basis of generic the most expensive (…) unless there is a medical contraindication to the generic “such as” allergy “, she detailed.

” It is as well to recognize the same level of support for care of the same quality “, insists the government. “This measure will apply as of January 1, 2020, in order to have the time necessary to accompany its implementation with patients,” he said.

Less than 100 million euros of savings

The other measure is intended to “better regulate the conditions under which physicians” may affix the mention “non-substitutable” on prescriptions, preventing pharmacists to offer generics instead of original drugs, so-called princeps, according to Bercy. This mention will have to be based “on medical criteria and objectives, defined in connection with the national security Agency of medicines and health products,” explains the press kit.

These measures should in the short term “less than 100 million euros” in savings, according to Bercy. “The rate of generic substitution/brand exceeds the 80 % in France “, but the ” mechanisms for the substitution of today show a certain shortness of breath “, justifies the government.

“We have in France a considerable delay on the use of generic drugs,” said for his part the minister of Health, recalling the effectiveness and lack of side effects associated with these products. According to it, the use of the generic “lower cost” is akin to a “citizen gesture” : “this allows the social Security to invest in medicines which are highly innovative “, especially for “treating cancer” of children, said Agnes Buzyn.

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