the Regions will allocate 9 billion rubles for benefits the Russians on payment “communal”, but the money will be distributed only among 30 regions of the country. Experts believe that this amount is not enough to solve the problems of IHC, as well as benefits will apply only to narrow groups of the population, and others will have to pay in full. Now the consumer debt exceeds 1.5 trillion rubles. Taking into account the July index of growth of tariffs for the transition to “smart” electricity meters, the emergency cancellation of the moratorium on the accrual of penalties for non-payment of “communal” as well as falling incomes and rising unemployment, the end of the year the figure will rise to 2 trillion rubles.

In 2020 to help the citizens in part payment of “communal”, the state will provide 106 billion rubles, of which the first phase will be sent to 9 billion in 30 regions. The corresponding decree was signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

Benefits for payment of utilities — it is normal practice in the crisis, says Director General of PJSC “City Innovative Technologies” Sergey Minko. “We had originally proposed to allocate grants to citizens on payment of utilities — emphasizes the interlocutor of “MK”. The most effective step that can be done under present conditions”.

As noted in the sources, these 30 regions at the moment, asked for support in housing, although it is likely that requests for assistance were not only from them. The criteria that were chosen these subjects not yet represented, but that in difficult situation are now residents of all regions of our country — is an indisputable fact.

At the Federal level, the discount applies to the families of the victims of war — 60%. Also incentives are available for people with disabilities and families with children with disabilities, veterans, the liquidators of radiation accidents — 50%.

“because the exemptions apply only to certain categories of the population, these subsidies, unfortunately, do not help the wide layers of citizens in distress due to declining revenues and job losses, — the Director of “national control” Natalya Chernysheva. — If the end of the year the number of unemployed will increase from 3 million to 7 million, something the government in any case will have to allocate more massive subsidies, and this should be done as soon as possible”.

Indeed, on the background of growth rates and unemployment funds were allocated — this is only a drop in the bucket.

the Rise of “communal” is because of the constant pressure from the utility companies that loses considerable money because of reduction of solvency of the population and collectability.

“funding, unfortunately, is not enough to solve the problem, as highlighted benefits relate only to a narrow g��UPP population — emphasizes Chernyshev. — Without compensation from the state, the growth rates and the lifting of the moratorium on disconnection for non-payment of services can lead to increasing social tension”.

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