According to Deputy Chairman of the government of Victoria Abramchenko, this will allow Russian farmers on preferential terms to the lease an additional 1.5 thousand units of agricultural machinery, machines and equipment. That will ensure the timely and smooth holding of seasonal field work will accelerate the rate of fleet renewal of agricultural machinery, machinery and equipment and reduce the financial burden on lessees.

According to Vice-Premier, such support proved to be extremely popular with producers. Special value it acquires in the face of declining economic activity, when the agricultural producers it is important to ensure its financial and operational stability.

Victoria Abramchenko recalled that the capitalization of Rosagroleasing entered into the draft of the National action plan for the restoration of employment and incomes, economic growth and long-term structural changes.

“In conjunction with the announced special leasing program with a reduced interest rate of 3% for the farmers can be delivered about 9 thousand units of agricultural machinery and equipment. It’s 40% more than last year”, – said Deputy Prime Minister.

In the “Rosagroleasing” with APR valid anti-crisis program. It suggests a preferential rate of 3%, zero down payment, increase the term of the lease and deferred payment for one year. Through the tools of “Rosagroleasing” is now being implemented more than a quarter of Russian agricultural machinery. But, in addition, farmers has a program 1432, involving the subsidization of discounts on the purchase of agricultural machinery. Also this year will be allocated (10 billion) to 2 billion rubles. That will allow you to purchase 3.6 million units.

Also on the program of preferential leasing of machinery, including machines for land reclamation, the state will allocate 1 billion rubles (the limit is 3 billion rubles). This will provide for the purchase of an additional 2.5 units. In addition, adding 1.5 billion rubles for the purchase of Russian equipment for processing of agricultural products (about 9 thousand units). In total, according to the Ministry of agriculture, in 2020, Russian farmers are planning to purchase 56 thousand units of machinery and equipment (14% more than last year).