The government ordered the emergencies Ministry to suspend all testing until may 1

the Reason for such a step, apparently, were the numerous complaints of the business. After the beginning of acute phase of viral risk, the businessmen felt greatly increased attention of regulatory bodies primarily from the inspectors of Rosportebnadzora. The tightening of rules and regulations has set some entrepreneurs almost on the brink of closure. The government heard the complaints and took immediate measures to support small and medium-sized businesses. In addition, through a green corridor on the borders began to blow cargo truck, contracted to deliver goods that buyers are most quickly sold out in stores.

Photo: iStock Central Bank suspends a Bank prior to July 1,

in addition, support measures were made in the inspections. This ban came as a surprise to the regulatory and Supervisory authorities. And so that became even some controversy with their plans.

In the article “home Alone”, “RG” already reported that the MOE was faced with a difficult choice, in what form to carry out some preventive and Supervisory measures. In particular, they talked about the plans for holding, relatively speaking, “children’s” raids. MOE inspectors gathered together with management companies to ensure that fire safety measures parents whose children switched to remote mode.

Yesterday a source “RG” in the MOE reported that the government of his order in some sense “confused card” and now have to decide how exactly to carry out preventive measures. Yesterday, the new algorithm yet has not been found.

But today, the main state inspector on fire supervision, the General-the Lieutenant of internal service Anatoly Suprunovskiy brought clarity to the question.

– The exception was only an unscheduled inspection on the basis of which is the infliction of harm of life and health of citizens, occurrence of emergencies of natural and technogenic character, – said Anatoly Suprunovskiy.

there will Also be activities related to the issuance of licenses, certificates, accreditations and other documents of allowing character.