ministry of Petroleum and energy has informed the company NorthConnect that there is not sufficient basis to fatta decision in konsesjonssaka of the interconnector for power, write them in a press release Wednesday.

The 665 km long NorthConnect is a 1.400 megawatt likestraumskabel that is planned between Simadalen inst in the Hardangerfjord and Peterhead in Scotland.

It brought the electricity from the Norwegian vasskraft west and send electricity from scottish wind back.

But the government will first of hauste experience from the other two cables that are under construction, before they say yes or no to the Hardanger cable.

– In time to come shall among other things, the two new cables to Germany and the united Kingdom be set into operation. Ministry of petroleum and energy has come to ensure that it does not is cause sufficient basis to be able to decide konsesjonssøknadane from NorthConnect, so energilova claim, says oil and energy minister Tina Bru.

NVE: – Lønnsam, but expensive electricity

NVE has previously concluded that the disputed sjøkabelen will be lønnsam, but provide more electricity.

– NorthConnect is an interesting project. But with the changes we see in the power system today and which will be the nearest years, we have not enough knowledge now to know about the benefits of the project way up for the inconveniences for the public and private interests that are being met. In other words, this is neither a yes or no to konsesjonssøknaden, because we do not have a sufficient basis to make such a decision now, victory Bridge

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FROM SIMA TO SCOTLAND: NorthConnect will cause electricity in a giant cable under the water.

Photo: NORTHCONNECT Eidfjord-appointed interim mayor overraska

In Eidfjord municipality, where the cable should go from, have they been positive to the project. A milliardinvestering in the municipality would be given more jobs and greater kraftinntekter.

Fungerande appointed interim mayor Aslak Lægreid (H) is disappointed that the government have to drop a successful NorthConnect.

I am surprised that it does not konsesjonsbehandla. There are two billion that would have been invested in the municipality, and it would have been added to correct for the high activity in the construction period, ” says Lægreid.

EIDFJORD: Fungerande appointed interim mayor in Eidfjord, Aslak Lægreid (H).

Photo: Speech Hauso / NRK