The government has established scholarships named after Alferov for young scientists

As follows from the text of the resolution posted on the official website of the Cabinet of Ministers from September 1, 2020 established 10 personal grants of a name of Zh. Alferov for young scientists in physics and nanotechnology. The amount of such scholarship – 20 thousand rubles per month. They are appointed by the Ministry of science and higher education of the Russian Federation on the results of annual competitive selection process.

Photo: Alexander Emelyanenkov/WG the University named after Alferov has opened a new space for students and guests

the same document approved rules for the appointment and payment. To qualify for scholarships named after Zhores Alferov can candidates of Sciences under 35 years of age or doctors of science not older than 40, who are working on regular posts in the Russian scientific institutions or universities. This category includes graduate students under 30 years of age who are enrolled in full-time graduate school (the graduate) and programs that have state accreditation.

it highlighted that the number of grantees cannot enter “recipients of grants of the President of the Russian Federation for state support of scientific researches young (till 35 years) the Russian scientists – candidates of science and young (till 40 years) the Russian scientists – doctors of Sciences”. Excludes those young scientists, graduate students and adjuncts, who are already receiving a scholarship of the President or of the government of the Russian Federation with the aim of training and support of promising scientific research and development on priority directions of Russian economy modernization.

the Ministry of science and higher education is mandated to develop a procedure for the competitive selection requirements for candidates and the organisations that nominate them. It is assumed that the selection of candidates for personal scholarship winner Zhores Alferov will be held in conjunction with the Council on grantam President of Russia.