The government has developed programmes aimed at the 10 most backward regions of Russia

the program of socio-economic development in the ten most lagging regions of Russia will allow to increase the per capita income of Russians living there 6.5 thousand rubles (30%) in the next five years, said Minister of economic development Maxim Reshetnikov.

Developed projects such programmes. The volume of investments in these regions will increase by almost 20 thousand RUB. per capita, “it’s a plus 60% to what is out there, that is more than 1.5 times increase,” said Reshetnikov at the meeting of President Vladimir Putin with members of the government, reports TASS.

For funding such programs until 2024 the budget will allocate 50 billion rubles, while 10% of this money must be spent on infrastructure development for integrated housing development, “to housing issues in these regions to move”, explained the Minister.

the New program of development of lagging regions will allow to create 70 thousand new jobs.

Authorities have offered to test in the lagging regions special control system. We are talking about how to distribute the money for individual ministries, directions and activities, and to concentrate all the funds under one Ministry, said Reshetnikov.

the Government will determine a Ministry which will be the main Manager of budgetary funds for development of ten lagging regions. In turn, the governors will begin to reallocate money, said the Minister.

the Government will assess the quality of work of authorities of regions on using the additional money for this purpose, we introduce two measures — investments growth and poverty reduction. “According to these measures we will evaluate in a period of two to three years”, — said Reshetnikov.

Among the regions for which the developed program socially-economic development, the Minister called the Republic of Altai, Karelia, Tuva, Chuvashia, Mari El, Kalmykia, Pskov and Kurgan region.