After years of protests have the government taken the decision of three very disputed vindkraftprosjekt along the Norwegian coast. Two vindturbinanlegg to be, one has been rejected.

At the Place in Nordfjord, one of the most weather-beaten stadane along the coast of norway, Falck Renewables Wind get set started the construction of its wind farms with five vindturbinar.

the Company is owned by italenskbaserte Falck Renewables AS and example, the boundaries of Production.

All in December 2013 was granted a licence to the wind farms on the Place, but in recent years have protestane raised. At the same time, have the plans been changed to fewer, but much larger turbines.

Large parts of the Stadlandet is listed because of the completely unique landscape, but the area to the vindturbinanlegget is excluded protection. Several grunneigarlag as well as Naturvernforbundet has were, but to no avail in the government.

the Ministry is believed to have enough knowledge of both naturmangfald and cultural sites in the area, the type of oil – and energy minister Tina Bru (H) in the decision.

Yes to wind power on the Sunnmøre

In Haram, Sunnmøre, the government rejected klagane from Haram municipality, organizations and a number of private persons on the development of wind farms on Haramsfjellet.

the Ministry set a condition that several of the eight turbines is used to be moved more away from people. Among other things, to one of the turbines is used 100 metres further away from the settlement its Cloth.

It was right now to make a final decision in the matter. The award was given for over ten years ago. Then it is time that both utbyggarane and local interests to have a clarification, says oil and energy minister Tina Bru.

a Leader of the aksjonsgruppa “No to wind farms on Haramsfjellet”, Birgit Oline Kjerstad, reacts strongly that the government rejects all the complaints.

I am quite angry and very bored to me. Now we have to consider to go the court way if we want to get done something more with this case, says Kjerstad to NRK.

HARAM: Both the municipality, organizations and private persons have said no, but the government has said yes.

Photo: Haram of power, No wind power in Nordland

on the other hand get Andmyran wind farms on the island of Andøya in Nordland rejection. The owners had sought to get the also built the time limit for previous permission for development with one year, as well as to get the drive to 2051.

the Reason for the refusal is that the government will not have the wind in a marsh area because of the climate.

This island is a part of an extensive valuable marsh area, says Tina Bru.

the Bridge says a has gained more and more knowledge about the downsizing of the swamp since the plans first received approval.

– This after the needs have been crucial in the assessment if the deadline should utsetjast, says oil and energy minister Tina Bru.

REJECTION: the Area to the Andmyran wind farm in Nordland.

Photo: Sigurd Steinum / NRK