The government can't deport migrants because of the coronavirus and tear of air travel

Many of the immigrants would not be deported from Russia by court decision because of the situation with coronavirus and violations of the constant flights, the press service of the presidential Council of the Russian Federation on human rights (HRC).

“due To the fact that the pandemic is in the early stages, many countries have interrupted air travel in conflict with the law and subject to forced expulsion of foreigners is now at an unknown time, remained in institutional care and their families waiting to return home”, – said the press service of the HRC.

a member of the HRC Tatyana Merzlyakova visited March 23, the Center of temporary detention of foreign citizens and individuals without citizenship (CSIG) Ministry of internal Affairs of Ekaterinburg. Now it 248 people waiting for execution of decisions on expulsion and deportation.

According to Tatyana merzljakova, the consulates of the CIS countries are trying to arrange a Charter flight, but it’s not easy to do.

Special attention functionary of the HRC drew for a citizen of Kyrgyzstan, which is already more than a month in the detention centre together with the children, but to send a family home in the near future will not succeed.

Consul General of Kyrgyzstan in Yekaterinburg reported that the last Charter in the country was organized by the airline “Ural airlines” on March 22. Despite the fact that the plane had a few empty seats, for unknown reasons, the woman with children on this flight were not included.

Merzlyakov believes that the citizen must appeal the court decision regarding the decision on expulsion in connection with impossibility to fulfill it.

According to Tatyana Merzlyakova, who heads the Commission on migration policy of the HRC, representatives of public organizations are ready to provide foreign nationals are not only legal, but also humanitarian aid.